Criss Angel is a Douchebag – Supernatural S4E12

Another episode that doesn’t really have anything to do with the underlying demon storyline and Sam’s descent into darkness this one almost seems to harken back to an earlier era in Supernatural and in some ways reminds me very much of the very funny movie with Steve Carell – The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.  While there are gags-a-plenty in this episode (the Chief is perfect and you just knew that it was coming), the underlying story is more of a buddy comedy gone wrong than anything more nefarious.

It’s Magic Week and Jay a once great magician sits nursing a drink.  Patrick – an up and coming newcomer heckles him, calling him washed up and becomes increasingly more depressed.  Determined to go out in a bang, he chooses to do the Table of Death trick expecting to die but he unexpectedly and miraculously survives!  However while he might survive, Patrick is not as lucky and the death that should have befallen Jay instead visits Patrick leaving him bleeding on the ground from dozens of puncture wounds.

Sam and Dean arrive to investigate and while their initial suspicions fall upon Jay, they quickly realize that he is as dumbfounded as they are.  Dean meanwhile suspects it might Jay’s friends or at the least they might have some knowledge and when questions them, they advise him that the Chief once crossed Patrick and maybe he knows something about what has happened.  Only arriving at the address he’s been given does Dean realize that he’s been had – the Chief is a gay leather dom.

Sam and Dean confer, postulating that Jay is using black magic to regain his old glory. Sam asks Dean if he thinks they will grow old, but Dean says that their life ‘ends bloody or sad’. Sam asks if Dean wouldn’t want to do something if they could end the demon war. Dean is suspicious that Sam isn’t telling him everything but Sam denies it.

Jay admits to his friend that he doesn’t have a clue how he’s doing the tricks, and that he’s getting frightened of all the deaths, but Charlie (his friend) says he has to continue as it’s giving him life again.  When Jay performs his Table of Death trick again, though, the victim this time is Charlie.  Jay realizing that he needs to do something goes to the boys for help & after investigating the boys realize that Jay’s other friend Vernon might somehow be involved.

When Jay confronts Vernon, a young man arrives – it’s Charlie and he is young again. Charlie reveals he once worked with P.T. Barnum, who gave him a powerful grimoire that contained a spell for immortality – the enchanted pack of Tarot cards. He offers eternal life to Vernon and Jay – although it means Sam and Dean will have to die. However Jay pickpockets Charlie’s deck of cards, leaving one with Charlie, and then stabs himself, killing Charlie.  Afterward, Sam and Dean meet Jay at the bar. He is depressed – his best friend is dead and Vernon has left. Dean tells him he did the right thing but Jay finds no comfort in that and leaves.

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