Supernatural: “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (S4E09)

Oh boy … now this one’s a doozy!  If you recall from my previous posts, the past couple of episodes (for example – It’s the Great Pumpkin) of Supernatural have not really focused as much on the underlying story and have been very much “filler material” … well this one is anything but.  It’s an absolutely critical and key episode and has all of the characters we love plus some new ones that we will probably end up hating with a passion!

Ruby’s back and she gives the brothers a lead on a mental patient.  An escaped mental patient that is being hunted by a host of demons for reason’s she doesn’t understand.  Anna Milton was locked up when she started to hear voices … unfortunately for her those voices were Angels and the topic of conversation in most cases seemed to be Sam and Dean and the upcoming Apocalypse!

Dean: So, they lock you up with a case of the crazies, when really you’re just tuning into angel radio?
Anna: Yes. Thank you.

After the boys track down Anna they find that her prophecies are actually really, really accurate and when they find her parents dead at her home they realize that they need to protect her.  Ruby arrives to give them another warning though – this time that one of the demon “heavy-hitters” is looking for Anna also and has been tracking them.  Alastair (the demon) confronts them and indicates that he knows Dean from his time in Hell.  Dean looks quite afraid when he realizes who Alastair is and while the boys attempt to fight him, he is much too powerful.  Sam however manages to stab him with Ruby’s knife and while this doesn’t kill him, it does give them the time they need to escape from him.

Dean believing that Ruby had set them up and was still not to be trusted confronts Sam about her again, but in a series of flashbacks Sam relates to him what happened during Dean’s time in captivity and how it was actually Ruby that set him back on the correct path as he was wallowing in his own misery.  Ruby who’d told Lilith that she’d come back to Earth to kill Sam found him in this state, and when Sam told her that she was torturing the body she was in, she departed it and took over the body of a brain dead coma patient instead so that she could help Sam.  Sam then agreed to let her teach him how to use his powers so that he could continue the fight in Dean’s absence & Dean realizing that she’s actually always come through for them and in fact has been there when he himself wasn’t realizes that he needs to apologize to Ruby:

Dean: I guess I… you know.
Ruby: What?
Dean: I guess I owe you for… Sam. And I just wanted to… you know?
Ruby: Don’t strain yourself.
Dean: Okay, then. Is the moment over? Good, ’cause that was awkward.

While I’m personally not sure yet if Ruby is truly on the side of light, the apology itself was classic and worth waiting for!  That’s not how this one ends though … this time the Angels (Castiel and Uriel) want Anna also and demand that the Winchesters hand her over to them so that they can kill her!  Who is this chick and why does everyone want her dead?

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