It’s been a long time since I originally read and played in the Battletech universe. However, with a recent membership in Scribd after I cancelled my Kindle Unlimited membership I joyfully came across this series once again. If you’re a fan of reading and audiobooks, I highly recommend Scribd as while I liked Kindle Unlimited, I also disliked it at the same time!

You see, Kindle Unlimited only really offered self-published books through its store and while I really enjoyed reading and getting to know some of these authors, I also wanted to read stuff from some of the big names in the industry. With Scribd, I have this + for the same cost I also have magazines and audiobooks. If you’re interested in giving them a try click here to get two free months to try it out!

Now, these are labeled as Battletech Legends and the reading order seems a bit out of whack. I initially thought it was based around actions happening during the same timeframe in the Inner Sphere but this isn’t really the case.

So this page is going to cover the right way you should read all of the books along with links to the relevant reviews when I finish each book.

This table while it contains all of the books will have additional detail added as I get through them so check back often and click through to the associated reviews for more details!

Shrapnel: Fragments from the Inner Sphere by Jordan K. Weisman0
The Sword and the Dagger by Ardath Mayhar1
Decision at Thunder Rift by William H. Keith Jr.
A good introduction to the Battletech universe. It provides a good overview without getting caught up in the minutia of things. Starting from simple infantry fighting these awesome war machines and then growing into command of the machines themselves – this book launches the universe well.
Mercenary’s Star by William H. Keith Jr.
Continuing from the previous book – Decision at Thunder Rift – this book sees the fledgling legion continuing to grow. With the forces of the Draconis Combine working hard to subjugate the citizens of Verthandi, the Legion is called in to help the fledgling rebellion.
The Price of Glory by William H. Keith, Jr.4
Warrior: En Garde by Michael A. Stackpole5
Warrior: Riposte by Michael A. Stackpole6
Warrior: Coupe by Michael A. Stackpole7
Wolves on the Border by Robert N. Charrette
This was actually the first book I read in the Legends series but based on my recollection of events from earlier days it was out of sequence which is why I created this list!

The story is basically all about the mercenary group the Wolves Dragoons and their experiences with their Kurita paymasters.
Heir to the Dragon by Robert N. Charrette9
Lethal Heritage by Michael A. Stackpole10
Blood Legacy by Michael A. Stackpole11
Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole12
Way of the Clans by Robert Thurston
While we get a couple of hints in earlier books – specifically Wolves on the Border – this is our first real introduction to the Clans. An extremely martial society that has formed from the descendants of Kerensky, the Clan’s goal and ambition is to restore the Star League – regardless of who and what stands in their way. The Jade Falcon’s are one of the most ambitious of the Clan’s and this story tells the birth of one of their greatest leaders.
Bloodname by Robert Thurston14
Falcon Guard by Robert Thurston15
Wolf Pack by Robert N. Charrette16
Main Event by James D. Long17
Ideal War by Christopher Kubasik18
Natural Selection by Michael A. Stackpole19
Assumption of Risk by Michael A. Stackpole20
Blood of Heroes by Andrew Keith21
Close Quarters by Victor Milán22
Far Country by Peter L. Rice23
D.R.T. by James D. Long24
Tactics of Duty by William H. Keith25
Bred for War by Michael A. Stackpole26
I Am Jade Falcon by Robert Thurston27
Star Lord by Donald G. Phillips28
Highlander Gambit by Blaine Lee Pardoe29
Hearts of Chaos by Victor Milán30
Operation Excalibur by William H. Keith31
Malicious Intent by Michael A. Stackpole32
Black Dragon by Victor Milán33
Impetus of War by Blaine Lee Pardoe34
Double-Blind by Loren L. Coleman35
Binding Force by Loren Coleman36
Exodus Road by Blaine Lee Pardoe37
Grave Covenant by Michael A. Stackpole38
The Hunters by Thomas S. Gressman39
Freebirth by Robert Thurston40
Sword and Fire by Thomas S. Gressman41
Shadows of War by Thomas S. Gressman42
Prince of Havoc by Michael A. Stackpole43
Falcon Rising by Robert Thurston44
Threads of Ambition by Loren Coleman45
The Killing Fields by Loren Coleman46
Dagger Point by Thomas S. Gressman47
Ghost of Winter by Stephen Kenson48
Roar of Honor by Blaine Lee Pardoe49
By Blood Betrayed by Mel Odom50
Illusions of Victory by Loren Coleman51
Flashpoint by Loren Coleman52
Measure of a Hero by Blaine Lee Pardoe53
Path of Glory by Randall N. Bills54
Test of Vengeance by Bryan Nystul55
Patriots and Tyrants by Loren L. Coleman56
Call of Duty by Blaine Lee Pardoe57
Initiation to War by Robert N. Charrette58
The Dying Time by Thomas S. Gressman59
Storms of Fate by Loren Coleman60
Imminent Crisis by Randall N. Bills61
Operation Audacity by Blaine Lee Pardoe62
Endgame by Loren Coleman63
Ghost War by Michael A. Stackpole64
A Call to Arms (MechWarrior: Dark Age #2) by Loren Coleman65
The Ruins of Power by Robert E. Vardeman66
A Silence in the Heavens by Martin Delrio67
Truth and Shadows by Martin Delrio68
Service for the Dead by Martin Delrio69
By Temptations and by War by Loren Coleman70
Fortress of Lies by J. Steven York71
Patriot’s Stand by Mike Moscoe72
Flight of the Falcon by Victor Milán73
Blood of the Isle by Loren Coleman74
Hunters of the Deep by Randall N. Bills75
The Scorpion Jar by Jason M. Hardy76
Target of Opportunity by Blaine Lee Pardoe77
Sword of Sedition by Loren Coleman78
Daughter of the Dragon by Ilsa J. Bick79
Heretic’s Faith by Randall N. Bills80
Fortress Republic by Loren Coleman81
Blood Avatar by Ilsa J. Bick82
Trial by Chaos by J. Steven York83
Principles of Desolation by Jason M. Hardy84
Wolf Hunters by Kevin Killiany85
Surrender Your Dreams by Blaine Lee Pardoe86
Dragon Rising by Ilsa J. Bick87
Masters of War by Michael A. Stackpole88
A Rending of Falcons by Victor Milán89
Pandora’s Gambit by Randall N. Bills90
Fire at Will by Blaine Lee Pardoe91
The Last Charge by Jason M. Hardy92
To Ride the Chimera by Kevin Killiany93
A Bonfire of Worlds by Steven Mohan Jr.94