Getting near the end now … here are the next batch of five that I’ve personally selected for you!  Don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 2 though & stay tuned for the last and final set in my personal top 20!

10. Magnum: P.I.

All hail Tom Selleck’s mustache. This is simply another form of 80’s indulgence that is just too funny and addictive not to have on the list. Very much of it’s time and similar to MacGyver. The damn title is almost the same scheme with the exception being that Magnum has a P.I. beside it. So many amusing moments to choose from here. We got random shots of clowns at a rodeo. A sort of perverted shot of Magnum checking out a young lady’s booty and my personal favorite, a bad ass way of putting a clip in a gun. I have to give Magnum the edge over Macgyver simply because the song is just so damn catchy.

9. X-men

Another intro that I think is ingrained into the memories of all kids who grew up in that time. The animation is excellent and it looksthe same as the comics at the time. Adventure and excitement with a dash of cool, is the tone they were going for. The guitar driven song is also not as chessy and safe as one might expect. I especially liked all the unique ways they introduced the characters on the show. Felt a lot like trading cards in motion.

8. The Simpsons

There’s not a lot that has to be said about this one. It’s achieved legendary status and it still on TV! It has perhaps the most memorable TV theme of all time. I really can’t think of anything that is as well known now as it was when it came out. The intro is a clear homage to The Flintstones but with an obvious modern twist. The real genius thing about it is in the intros ending. The part where everyone races to the couch is always different, thus making it a must watch no matter how many times you’ve seen it. The comical writings from Bart on the chalkboard are also, always changing. It’s almost as if the creators knew in the early stages that the show would last 20 plus years.

7. Game Of Thones

Like American Horror Story: Freak Show, we have a relative new kid on the block here. It’s rare to find any intro post 1999 on this list but G.O.T. most definitely deserves to be here. A fantastic show that has an equally fantastic intro is very rare find. This is especially true of live action TV these days. Like a lot of the other stellar intros on this list, it tells a story and even further, gives little tidbits of things to come. From the layman’s eye it may seem that this is the less is more approach but if you look at the amount of detail they put in the map of this huge world, you’ll see that it is anything but less. The score is just epic enough to set the tone and memorable enough to lend itself to be covered in a myriad of different musical styles.

6. Twilight Zone :60’s & 80’s version.

The most celebrated scfi/ horror show of all time, left me a bit torn in terms of which intro to pick. At first glance the clear choice is the 60’s version due to its iconic status. The themes main lick is so etched in our brains that I’ve heard it hummed whenever something strange happens in day to day life.  Rod Serling’s equally iconic voice over only adds to the intrigue. The thing is, I always felt that the 8o’s version was always overlooked. It’ was certainly it’s own thing and it had a much creepier feel than the original. It also doesn’t insult the original, instead paying homage to it in a more subtle way. Take a look and see for yourself.

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