Sympathy for the Devil – Supernatural (S5E1)

Sorry about this – my writing hasn’t kept up with my watching, (!) but I’ll get all of Season 4 up on the site eventually including an end of season recap.  Season 5, however, needs to be told too and I wouldn’t want you to be kept waiting so without further ado, let’s get into it!

At the end of the previous season (BTW do not continue reading if you’ve not seen all of Season 4 as the content below will spoil it for you – you’ve been warned!) Sam had killed Lilith.  Lilith, however, WAS the final seal, and by killing her, Sam had inadvertently released the Devil.

As Lucifer breaks free of his confinement, following Sam killing Lilith and breaking the last of the 66 Seals a blinding light and sound force the brothers to their knees and when they open their eyes they are on a plane flying over Ilchester, Maryland, where Lucifer was confined.

Hoping for some answers, they travel to Chuck’s house which has been decimated and looks like a warzone.  Chuck, fortunately, is safe and he explains, that the archangel had blown Castiel apart. Zachariah arrives, and tells Dean that he is needed to kill the Devil, but Dean pulls out a sliding door to reveal the sigil that Castiel previously created.  After Dean slaps his bloody palm onto it Zachariah and his angels disappear. Chuck’s part in the story is not done though as he manages to get in touch with one of his uber fans (quite funnily writing some naughty fanfiction about Dean and Sam) and gets her to pass on a message to the brothers.

the “angels have lost Michael’s Sword” and that it is to be found “in a castle, on a hill made of 42 dogs,” 

Dean and Sam meet up in a motel room and Sam states that somehow he’s been purified of his need for demon blood also. He tries to talk to Dean about what has happened, about freeing Lucifer, but Dean refuses to engage with him. Dean suggests they treat it as any hunt, and that they should set about finding Lucifer.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Ja...

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester (left) and Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester (right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nick meanwhile is hallucinating about his family – his dead wife and child, but when his wife whispers to him that he’s special he starts to wonder about what’s going on and if he’s losing his mind.

Bobby arrives in the Impala, with research about the archangel Michael. Sam confesses to Bobby that it was his actions that freed Lucifer, and Bobby coldly tells him that once the hunt is over, he wants nothing to do with Sam. . Dean gets an idea, and going through some of John’s old things. He finds the address for John’s storage facility: Castle Storage, 42 Rover Hill.

Not all is as it seems however as Bobby has been possessed and along with Meg (remember her from Season 2?) they attack and restrain Dean.  However before Bobby kills Dean with Ruby’s knife, he manages to battle the demon and stabs himself instead. Sam returns and helps dispatch the other two demons, but Meg escapes by leaving her vessel.

Sam and Dean drop off a gravely injured Bobby at the hospital and race to John’s lock-up. Once there, they find some dead demons and Zachariah with some angel muscle.

Zachariah reveals they misled Chuck; Michael’s sword is at the storage lock-up because it’s Dean. Zachariah explains that Dean is the sword and they need him to be the vessel for the archangel Michael, so he can defeat Lucifer. Dean refuses but Zachariah starts to torture him and Sam to get his compliance. Just then, Castiel appears. He attacks the angels with his angel blade and orders Zachariah to make Sam and Dean whole again, and then to leave.

Castiel is elusive about how he has been brought back from death, but before he leaves, he touches Sam and Dean, burning an Enochian sigil into their ribs, that will hide them from the angels, demons, and Lucifer.

Nick wanders through his house, distraught. His wife and child have been murdered during a home invasion. As he grieves, he starts hallucinating again. Lucifer appears as his wife Sarah and tells him that he is a vessel, and that Lucifer wants his consent to possess him. Lucifer says he is misunderstood, that he was punished for “loving God too much.” He says that, to let Nick’s family be murdered, God must either be uncaring, or a sadist. He tells Nick possession will be painful, but that Lucifer will help him get justice for his family. Nick consents to possession.

At the hospital, Bobby yells at a doctor who tells him he won’t walk again. He says they need to keep fighting, but is pessimistic about their chances. Dean makes a stirring speech, saying they should take them all on – angels and demons – and try to win.

Overall Thoughts

Overall a really good episode with lots of action and a good continuation to the story.  Zach is definitely not acting “angel like” and you really need to wonder about what’s going on in Heaven to allow him to act in this way.  While the overall story is that the Angels are trying to basically purge everything to start again – shouldn’t he just kill Sam as that will defeat the Devil wouldn’t it?  They could literally cleanse the world themselves without a requirement for the apocalypse and the Devil at all!

Sam and Dean … Sam’s descent into darkness was for the best of intentions and it’s actually quite disappointing that these intentions were rewarded in such a negative manner.  While Sam and Dean are currently somewhat at odds hopefully they’ll be able to get over this and realize that they’ve both made mistakes in their fight against evil.

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