Wataten! – The little sister we wish we had

Wataten! or Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! follows the everyday adventures of a shy college student, Miyako Hoshino. Although her lack of friends, and social life, are somewhat abysmal, she is fortunate enough to have a spectacular little sister that watches over her. This article contains very mild spoilers.  

Siblings in anime usually get along really well, or they’re sworn enemies fated to surpass one another in a duel of strength and skill. Not really, but in all honesty, they come in a wide range of relationships much similar to the ones you’d find in the real world. Hinata Hoshino from Wataten! is a little sister who may very well be the front-runner for the best younger sibling ever. Her overenthusiastic personality, packed densely with what appears to be an unlimited amount of energy, may sometimes be too overbearing for her older sister, Miyako, at times, but that is just Hinata’s way of expressing her abundant amount of affection. 

Angel’s Gaze

Hinata is always upbeat and enjoys her older sister’s company, regardless of what it is they’re doing. Simply being around Miyako is enough for Hinata to be satisfied. Her adoration for her older sister is commendable, especially considering Miyako’s tendency to be a full-on introvert. The clash of personalities the two sisters share is a stark contrast that surprisingly compliments both of them. Hinata understands that Miyako was never one to be the life of the party, but she idolizes her older sister to the point where she can’t stand being a day without her. Instead of focusing on Miyako’s traits that enable her socially awkward lifestyle, Hinata instead praises what her older sister excels at, cooking, cosplay and everything else in between! 

Hinata subconsciously reinforces positive energy into her older sister because she is perhaps the only person who actually understands her. Despite frolicking with her friends every day and showing nothing but smiles, Hinata is actually a level-headed person who is, for the most part, aware of the relationship she has with her sister, and more importantly what her sister truly needs. Initially, it was a bit rough on Hinata to divide the time she spends with Miyako in favour of the rest of her friends, even getting to the point where she would lash out. Hinata made it evidently clear that she felt excluded and that she was no longer at the spotlight’s centre point. That, however, was extremely short-lived. Her selfish days would soon be over in no time because Miyako reassured Hinata that she had nothing to worry about, that she would spend even more time with her. As much as we need to praise Hinata for being an excellent little sister, the diligent work of Miyako should also be complimented. 

Miyako doesn’t have any friends

Although Miyako is a college-age adult, her rather fragile demeanor to the outside world is a concerning issue that Hinata is all too aware of. Hinata’s friends, Hana and Nao, have significantly upped Miyako’s engagement with everyday conversations, but that alone is still not enough for the older sister to live unbothered when not at home. It’s one thing to speak casually to grade-school children, but interacting with strangers similar, if not older, in age proves to be too much of a task for the lonely Miyako.  

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It is during these circumstances that Hinata bravely jumps into her sister’s aid, to protect and rescue her from any awkward and embarrassing encounters with the general public. She puts her own well-being at risk to alleviate any discomfort her older sister may be enduring. Of course, Miyako’s daunting situations are far from even remotely being considered dangerous, but the selfless act to intervene is all the same. Hinata is a fearless spirit who would disregard everything in her possession to help out a sister in need. It is downright remarkable for someone her age to know when her sister is in trouble, but that further illustrates just how well Hinata truly understands Miyako. They have a connection with one another that stems well beyond their genetic material. A bond that might as well be attached to a much greater extent, perhaps even spiritually. 

Don’t worry! Leave it to me!

Hinata loves her older sister with all her might — this much is undoubtedly true. The love she holds for her dear sister is not enough for her to single-handedly retain, however. When in school, Hinata speaks highly of her older sister to her classmates and even her teacher. It is in no way bashful, but rather an overwhelming admiration that Hinata cannot help but share with the rest of her class. In her eyes, Miyako is a super popular beauty who dresses really nice and can cook better desserts than any gourmet restaurant can offer! Although that is quite an embellishment in retrospect, for Hinata that is her absolute truth. She sees her older sister in such a pristine outlook that talking about her charms is second nature. Miyako may feel like a phony from all the appraisal Hinata hypes her up to be, but they aren’t all lies exactly, not from Hinata’s perspective anyway.     

You never let us down!

Hinata embodies all the traits a perfect younger sibling should have, albeit a much tuned-up version. Miyako may not realize it right away, but the relationship she shares with her sister is an exceptional bond that many siblings would be envious of. The love Hinata holds for Miyako is infectious as it is adorable, a connection that not many siblings in the anime realm, or real-world, possess. Hinata is a wonderful friend and even a better little sister. Hopefully, we get to see more of Hinata’s extraordinary adventure with her lovely sister, Miyako, in the not too distant future!    

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    The little sister we wish we had? That clingy brat Hinata is a nightmare anyone can deal with and no one would wanna be that brat’s real sister.

  1. August 1, 2020

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