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I saw this one quite a while ago and while the overall story is interesting & the graphics as always are excellent … the gratuitous nudity in this one initially caught me by surprise.  In all honesty, I think this is one of the first anime on Netflix that I had this experience with, and after that I was quite a bit more careful in my selections!  If you recall from my previous post – The Top 5 Anime on Netflix – I covered other shows that are equally if not more interesting, however, this show does bear mentioning as the underlying story itself isn’t that bad.

In Freezing – the Earth has been attacked and decimated by extra-dimensional aliens called Nova.  These aliens that resemble the monsters from Pacific Rim (by the way Pacific Rim 2 seems to be back on track!) can only be stopped by genetically modified girls (called Pandoras) and their male partners (Limiters).  Together the Pandora/Limiter team is able to freeze and attack the Novas and help to drive the menace back.  However, no-one knows when the next attack will come so schools are set up around the world to train these gifted individuals and help preserve humanity.  

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So far sounds like Attack on Titan or something like that doesn’t it?  You’ve got your titular (no pun intended) hero named Kazuya Aoi, whose late sister was also a Pandora and the super powerful Satellizer el Bridget as your primary characters.  You’ve also got a host of other girls and boys with similar abilities all in training to grow and develop their powers.

However, clothes are literally blown off the female characters when they get into conflict with each other (hence my comment about gratuitous) often leaving them nearly nude in the process!  If you recall from my Top 5 Anime post mentioned previously, there was one on that list that had the women becoming unclothed – that one was called High School of the Dead & in that case, yes there was nudity but it was when the women were having a bath or at the end of the series when the whole group was under the influence of drugs.  In Freezing, by contrast, the cut scenes leave very little to the imagination, and then there seems to constant conflict between the girls at the academy too leading to multiple fights where clothing gets torn and removed … for no real reason or justification!

Now the fights themselves are quite interesting and very well done and when they meet the real enemy – the Nova – it just gets better.  While I expect that the Manga it is based upon has similar graphics, I really think they could have made this so much better if they’d just focused on the underlying story without the titillation.  It’s actually quite interesting and the whole school setting is well done too.  There is an underlying conspiracy at play which adds even more detail to the story and the characters are quite appealing.  Just skip the nudity next time!

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    […] only defence is genetically altered girls (Pandora’s) and their male partners (Limiters).  Freezing tells the story of Bridget and Kazuya Aoi who together combine to be the best and […]

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