What is Warzone and My Thoughts on the Game

What is Warzone?

Warzone is one of the newest battle royals to hit the market and it’s doing incredibly well in terms of player satisfaction. Unlike previous battle royals such as Fortnite, Warzone brings a more realistic form of gameplay. The game was listed under one of the most popular game franchises Call of Duty which just raised players’ expectations. Needless to say, these players weren’t disappointed. 

The Gulag

Warzone is totally unique in the way the game functions. In most battle royals if you die and are unable to get revived from a teammate the game is over and you have to start again, but in Warzone, this is not the case. A new system of death was created for players to be able to be revived even if they have died completely. This system is called the Gulag.

The Gulag is basically a location where after you die you’re sent to a prison where if you win a 1v1 against another player that also died then you can come back and rejoin the game. No other company has ever thought of a system like this and that is what makes warzone so unique and desirable.

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While the Gulag system does help players rejoin the game if by chance you lose the 1v1 it isn’t over just yet. In each match, as you go from house to house looting up what is in there you also accumulate money which can be used to buy various things such as a loadout drop or armor plates. Another thing you can buy is a player.

If in-game you have enough money you can buy back your fallen teammate and they will be able to rejoin the fight. The Gulag system is unheard of and players enjoyed being able to come back even after death but the buying back system is even better as it gives you a second chance at life even if the 1v1 doesn’t go in your favor.

Warzone is Realistic

As previously mentioned Warzone is very realistic in the way the game functions. In real life, if your carrying a heavy weapon it would be difficult to lug around and the same rule applies to Warzone. A small pistol is easier to carry than a heavy sniper rifle or LMG. Less realistic games wouldn’t have a system like this even though it makes much more logical sense.

Another reason why warzone is very realistic is it simulates a “war” situation. You can’t build your own structures but instead, have to opt for natural cover such as behind a building or inside a small room. This makes more sense than building your own structures or building your own cover.

Finally, the weapons you find on the ground or in a loadout drop will be labeled with real gun names. Instead of calling an automatic rifle looking gun an “assault rifle” it is instead called an M14 or another of the vast number of weapons in Warzone. 

The Gas

The gas system in Warzone isn’t unique the just that game but is still necessary for any battle royal. At the beginning of the game, players will be flown in from a helicopter above a giant map that will eventually become a warzone.

As players slowly die the map has to shrink so combat still happens. If the map never shrinks then it will be much more difficult for players to find each other when there are fewer people. This system to shrink the map is called “gas” in Warzone.

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On the mini-map, all players have access to a circle that will appear showing where players have to go next to stay safe from the gas. If players are unable to get to the safe zone and are stuck in the gas they will die in a matter of seconds. Eventually when there are only a few teams left the circle of the safe zone is so small that you are bound to run into an enemy team and be forced to fight them. Systems like these help make combat frequent and the game interesting for players to play.

How do you win?

While battle royals are common knowledge among gamers, for people who don’t play as much you may not know what a battle royal is and how you win. The basic premise for a battle royal is to be the last team remaining. You have to be the last man standing in your entire game to get the victory over other players.

In Warzone the game starts with 150 players and won’t end until the last team who stands above all others is remaining. As the game goes on players will get picked off 1 by 1 slowly decreasing the number of enemies you have to face. Once you reach the part of the game where it is your team vs another team whoever wins that crucial battle will be crowned the winner of that game.

The creators of Warzone tried to make the idea that all these 150 players are dropped into a map and you won’t be able to gain freedom and escape the incoming gas until your the last ones remaining. 

My final thoughts on the game

While I am still new to Warzone and haven’t played as much as others I really enjoy the game and the type of gameplay it brings. The satisfaction of getting your first win is incomparable to other games and is a great feeling to experience. With the unheard of Gulag system and the realism it brings, I think that Warzone is a unique battle royal simulator that will last the test of time.

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