S1 Episode 13: Route 666

Here’s an episode that will get you riled up. You’ll also get to meet Dean’s first love interest.

There is a lonely road out in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. There has been a line of car accidents taking place that are suspicious. Dean’s old flame contacts him asking for help. It turns out Dean Winchester used to have a girlfriend named Cassie. When good old Dean revealed, he hunted the supernatural she promptly dumped him right after. Cassie calls Dean for help since her father and his best friend Clayton, both who were African American, were killed. Apparently the men were run off the road which resulted in their death. Cassie is suspicious because in the days leading up to her father’s death he reported that he had been followed by a black truck.

Sam and Dean show up in the town to do some research. Once they arrive though Jimmy Anderson, editor of the local paper, dies. Sam and Dean dig deeper into their investigation of the deaths. Deans and Cassie soon end up rolling in the sheets with each other.

Not long after the boys are in town the mayor of the town, Harold Todd, is killed too. The brothers, along with some help from Cassie, find out all the men who died are linked in some way to the Dorian family. The Dorian family was once a white family who was very wealthy and influential in the town.

Cassie is attacked not soon after the connection is discovered. When the brothers come to help they, find out Cassie’s mother used to date a man named Cyrus Dorian when she was younger. Cassie’s mother left Cyrus for Martin Robinson instead. Cyrus was so angry over what happen that he burnt down the church Cassie’s mother and father were married in. The burning of the church also ended up killing the children’s choir in the process.

Cyrus tried to finish his revenge by attacking Martin. Martin was able to defend himself and beat the other man to death. Martin and two of his friends, Jimmy Anderson, and Clayton Solmes, got rid of the evidence by pushing the truck and Cyrus’ body into the swamp. Harold Todd knew about what the men had done. Being the young deputy of the town at the time he covered up the murder.

Dean and Sam decide to put the phantom truck to rest once and for all. They drag the truck and its owner from the lake. Burning the body is the easy part, but they have to lead the ghost truck to the grounds of the burnt down church. The brothers win, and Cassie is finally safe from the ghost truck.

Dean does attempt to renew his relationship with Cassie. Unfortunately, the lovely lady turns him down. It forces Dean to hit the road again with his brother Sam.

Route 666 is not an episode for the faint hearted. It goes out to make a point about the unfairness of the period. On the other hand, it’s very inspiring. For example, Cassie’s mother despite being white chooses the man she loves for who is. Not his skin color. Cyrus is a shallow soul, and lets his judgment blind him to gain his ‘revenge’ for Cassie’s mother leaving him. Cyrus’ hatred eventually led to his death.

One part that does make this episode very interesting though is that Athens, Ohio is mentioned first thing at the beginning of the episode. Athens, Ohio is seen as one of the most haunted areas in the country. It’s another way Supernatural has shown to have some real world influences, and even mentions them in the series.

All in all, Route 666 is a very touching episode. It touches on true love, real world influences and shows a part of Dean never seen before. Turns out the hunter, for all his womanizing ways, does desire a connection with someone. Only time will tell if he will ever find it.

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