S4E05 – Supernatural: “Monster Movie”

In Monster Movie we have a couple of different campy scenes similar to classic 1930’s horror movies with a shapeshifter that is infatuated with the Silver Screen.  We first saw a shapeshifter in S1E6 – Skin and while the monster of the week here has the same abilities – he definitely does not have the same level of menace. Unfortunately this is one of the filler episodes that really doesn’t do anything with the overall storyline or mythology.  Its entertaining, comedic and a good laugh, but you could probably give it a miss without worrying too much.

When the Winchester brothers find themselves investigating a series of a bizarre murders that seem to have been caused by a variety of different creatures, they are initially quite confused as none of the perceived monsters are behaving in the way they are expected to.  They find vampires that literally act like Count Dracula – including the cape – werewolves, mummies and other creatures that seem to emulate movie monsters more than anything else.  Realizing eventually that they must have a shapeshifter on their hands, they set out to track him down but their initial suspicions on the culprit are proven wrong.

As Dean commiserates with a local bartender – Jamie – they are both incapacitated by her friend (Holly).  It turns out that the shapeshifter has a “thing” for Jamie and actually wants to make her his bride!  Jealous of Dean the shapeshifter decides to kill him also but he/it/she (kind of hard to state gender with something that can change!) is stopped when Sam finds and frees Dean.

As the brothers battle the shapeshifter, Jamie uses Sam’s silver-loaded gun and shoots the shapeshifter which fortunately is the only thing that can kill them … the shapeshifter in particlurly campy fashion, declares that this is a “fitting end” to its own “movie” and dies.  The next day, Dean and Jamie part with a kiss, and the episode closes out on Sam and Dean driving off as they discuss what movie they would want their lives to be.

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