Dying Light 2 Releases in Spring 2020 – Here is Our First Impression!

The trailer is impressive and fans are dying to know more about the upcoming Dying Light 2 from Techland. We still have to wait till spring 2020, at least we finally got a confirmation about the expected release date from the developers.

So, Dying Light 2 is about to take charge after the original version. We are pretty sure that Dying Light 2 will carry the legacy of its predecessor. The exact date hasn’t still been revealed but the latest official Dying Light 2 trailer confirms that it will be out in ‘Spring 2020’. Since the beginning of 2019, there had been speculations about Dying Light 2 releasing in 2019 but Techland, for some reason, pushed it further into 2020. It could be anytime from March to June 2020.

Dying Light 2 – First Impression

To give fans something to cheer about and at the same time to make them long for the release, the team has released the Dying Light 2 Demo Gameplay. So, Aiden Caldwell occupies the center stage. The City is on the brink of water shortage. The game is based on the narrative/storytelling pattern. The Dying Light 2 Demo Gameplay is highly impressive. It definitely optimizes our longing to grab the game as soon as it releases.

Good news for Xbox and PS5 users is that Dying Light 2 will be launched on both of these platforms. The Techland reps call upcoming sequel the ‘New Dark Ages’. The society has been pushed back to the Hobbesian state and Zombies continue to play havoc all around.   The visuals are highly impressive and the quality is suggestive of the fact that the developers have focused more on making it highly compatible with Xbox One X. The combat and parkour mechanics seem to be much improved in comparison to what you experience with the original Dying Light.

Dying Light 2 review

Infection is what you have to fight against. The developers have based Dying Light 2 on the infected-lifecycle. This is what Tymon Smektala (Leading Game Designer) claims. Once a character is infected, others around it become vulnerable to the deadly virus. It only takes a bite to transmit the infection. Yes, the demo gameplay shows that humanity is still there but zombies are making their moves quickly. The infected are slow but the Virals (Biters) are quite agile. Once exposed to the sunlight or UV rays, the biters start getting weaker and even pieces of their flesh start falling apart and this is what converts Biters into Degenerates.

It actually isn’t as simple as it appears. Dying Light 2 follows a systematic pattern and plenty is happening around. Some infected are highly dangerous and some are relatively weaker and it all follows an evolutionary pattern. Those highly dangerous infected are basically the creatures of the extreme dark and the only way you could avoid them is to run away. There is no way you could attempt a combat fight with them; physical strength is just not enough to overcome them.

Dying Light 2 plot story setting

As a player, you have to make various decisions because you are responsible to shape the city (open world) of Dying Light 2. At times, some instructions or circumstances force you to come up with an instant decision that could lead to drastic consequences.

The original Dying Light followed a linear storyline written by Kyle Crane. But things are going to be different with Dying Light 2 because this time Chris Avellone has been contributing to the storyline of Dying Light 2. The famous game writer has already impressed millions for assisting the most famous RPGs including Fallout: New Vegas and Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Dying Light 2 features an organic plot. The settings allow you to make choices from multiple options and follow the direction you prefer. The freedom of decision making has been expanded for the players. It is going to test your decision-making skills under high-pressure situations. The resultant will be the direct impact of the decisions you make. Overall, Dying Light 2 promises a lot and we are eagerly waiting for some more insights into the storyline, gameplay, compatible platforms, and system requirements.

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