The FlashPOINTless paradox

I had the chance last night to catch up with the season finale of The Flash last night and must say I’m left with more questions then answers. Starting with why didn’t they even follow their own internal logic? The sin of Revolution as I’ve always called it. Full disclosure I’m not a true die hard fan to this adoration of The Flash but I’ve kept my eye on it this past season and as any of my friends will note anything to do with time travel does grab my attention so I payed special attention when I heard about those episodes.

“there’s no such things as coincides” the (should have been) prophetic dying words of Eddie Thawne. Spoiler alert if you hadn’t already surmised in an act of bravery? and to stop his decedent from doing ill deeds Eddie Thane shoots himself so Eobard’s fore bearer’s are not born and his evil plans are stopped before they can start.

But hold on a second what was Dr. Welles/ Thawne’s evil plans to begin with? Oh yes as one of The Flashes rogues from the future he discovered The Flash’s true identity as Barry Allen and went back in time to kill him as a child so he wouldn’t have a Flash to foil his evil schemes. He then looses his connection to the speed force cannot return to the future to be his bad self all over the place so so then takes over the identity of recent car crash victim Dr, Harrison Welles so in a decade or so could create an advanced particle accelerator that would have a little “accident” that would give Barry Allen his power and access to the speed force so he could get Barry to send him back to the future so ostensibly he could go ahead and figure out a way to kill The Flash back in his future time.

What we have on hands is a predestination paradox that doesn’t sit right with me. So the existence of Flash is dependent on Thawne having fought him in future going back in time to kill Barry as a child being trapped. Then somehow figuring out he’s one who made Barry The Flash in the first place then put into place a decades long plan to control and shift his young life all while building an advanced particle accelerator in the dead center of a major metropolitan city so it could have an “accident” on start up making Barry The Flash.

Hold on those who remembers or still read the back issues every version of Professor Zoom is dependent on The Flash already existing so in a future century he can fan boy his heart out go back in time to meet Flash and in the process lose his mind and become a villain.

So what happens in the show after Eddie Thawne turns the gun on himself thus unmaking Eobard’s existence? Well not a lot really, nothing has changed everyone remembers everything. Victor Garber is still in that sweater! The villain is not only slain he is unwritten from history itself Joseph Campbell should be rejoicing but he isn’t. Because if Eobard does not exist then he cannot go back in time to try kill young Barry only to be trapped. Then to realize he created The Flash to begin with using an advanced particle accelerator he built in the guise of Dr. Harrison Welles so he in the far far future could be inspired by The Flash go mad while trying to meet him (maybe) become mortal enemies.

The maker of The Flash the Reverse Flash has been unmade, but wait the Reverse Flash existing is dependent on The Flash existing and so clearly as the entire season has laid out The Flash is totally dependent on the Revere Flash’s existence.

So by the internal logic of the show since detective Eddie Thawne is now dead Eobard Thawne no longer exists so he cannot go back in time to try and kill a young Barry Allen. Only to realize he created the Flash and needs him to create a wormhole/singularity to send him back to the future so again he can figure out a way  that he can kill Flash but in the future. If Eobard no longer exists to make The Flash the one that possibly inspired him to become the Reverse Flash in the first place. Two things should be happening right now, one you should have a headache and two everything should be different in the show.

Because Eobard did not exist to go back in time to make the accelerator that makes Barry the Flash everything changes. He’s never The Flash to begin with STAR labs as we know doesn’t exist nor does the partial accelerator that blows that merges Martin Stein with Ronnie Raymond creating Firestorm or any of the meta human criminals they like to keep locked in that pipeline without benefit of due process of toilets from what I can see.

What does happen on the show is nothing absolutely nothing changes. Barry Allen remains The Flash everything remains the same only now the looming singularly created by the now unstable wormhole Eobard Thawne had Barry create so he could use it to travel back to the future in. The season cliffhanger that is Barry fast enough to close the this singularity.

If you don’t get this message call me. I would genuinely like the producer and the writers (@FLASHTVwriter) of The Flash to explain to me how this singularity exist within the internal logic of there own story if their is man who creates the machine that creates The Flash that later with the Flash’s assistance makes a singularity that will possibly destroy the planet? He is prevented from being born then how does The Flash continue to exist how does the singularity exist if the lynch pin that made both of them possible never happened?

Again I’ll admit I’m not a die hard fan may not have seen every episode but these seem like some rather enormous planet sized logical plot holes in the very core of the story stemming back to the pilot. Call me old fashioned but I do like my shows to make sense even it’s just in the four walls on my screen.

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