‘1917’ Official Trailer Sets High Expectations

Sam Mendes’ new action-packed WWI movie is ready to hit cinemas as the new-year gift in 2020. The ‘1917’ Official Movie Trailer has already impressed movie geeks and they are eagerly waiting to know each and every bit about what to expect from this seemingly promising war movie.

‘1917’ Official Trailer

The trailer depicts the promising cast including Richard Madden, Mark Strong, Colin Firth, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Andrew Scott.  ‘1917’ is the story of young British soldiers, brothers in blood. Both find themselves in the middle of a horrifying scenario given the responsibility of pulling off a virtually impossible mission.

1917 behind the scenes

As per the official plot, the brothers are running against time and their mission is to deliver a message by infiltrating into enemy territory. The message is supposed to be the key to stopping the deadly attacks.

‘1917’ Release Date in US and UK

‘1917’ is also the reunion of Roger Deakins (cinematographer) and Mendes and this is the fourth time the pair have worked together after their successful achievements including Skyfall, Revolutionary Road, and Jarhead. ‘1917’ will hit the US theaters on December 25th, 2019, however, the UK citizens will have to wait until January 10, 2020.

1917 movie release date

What is ‘1917’ Movie All About?

The trailer from the Universal Pictures is suggestive of the mastery of Roger Deakins, the award-winning cinematographer. The trailer depicts British soldiers fighting in ruthless circumstances, where the battalion has nowhere to go but seek refuge in muddy trenches. It is the typical depiction of the history’s most horrific World War I. Crossing the enemy lines would have been no less than stepping into hell especially considering the makeshift resources of those days over 100 years ago. This is what makes the plot interesting because the scenes will surely raise the hair on your arms.


‘1917’ is a Single Continuous Shot

Before releasing the official ‘2017’ movie trailer, Universal Pictures also released a video featuring behind-the-scenes action revealing how Deakins and Mendes made the whole movie as a single continuous shot.

Blade Runner 2049 won the academy award for Roger Deakins after being nominated for our 14 times. In 2018, Deakins won his first Oscar and 2017 may well earn him another Oscar in 2020.

1917 Movie

While telling Vanity Fair, Mendes expressed that he wanted to be with the men step by step, breathing along breathes. The task had been extremely difficult. The idea is to make viewers feel the intensity of the unforgiving circumstances in the middle of the battlefield.

Rodger’s objective has been to use his camera as a third-character. The point is to take the viewers along with the soldiers on the epic journey featuring magnanimous dangers.

Wiring and re-writing had been the features of the whole plot. Wilson-Cairns and Mendes spent a lot of time to make sure that everything is perfect. But when the results were achieved, both were more than happy and cheered every bit of their success.

1917 movie trailer

We hope that 1917 brings out the best from the over-century old conflict that shaped the new world only to face yet another havoc in the form of WWII. Mendes himself claims that he had never rehearsed any of his movies as many times as he rehearsed 1917. Mendes claims that he did his best to maintain the utmost precision in terms of time, space, and dialogues.

Fingers Crossed

There has been a huge appreciation for the movies featuring World Wars. Fans love the realistic recreation of the events as precisely as technology allows. Let us hope that 1017 also manages to impress fans waiting for the release on December 25th in the US and January 10th in the UK.

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