‘Seize The Crown’ Game Review: A Huge Leap Forward of Conqueror’s Blade

If you love free-gaming then here comes the massive opportunity to enjoy one of the most promising MMOs in 2019. Seize The Crown is the opportunity to relive history to test your strategic skillset.

conqueror's blade seize the crown

Epic sieges and massive armies are the main attraction these days and people love playing these MMOs to experience what our predecessors went through.

What is Seize The Crown Game All About?

Seize The Crown was released in early 2019 and this game, to me, is more of a mean to associate with the war-mongering tendencies in human nature. The game introduces you to ten different weapons and you are allowed to create a warlord specializing in any one of the available weapons including muskets, crossbows, Japanese hatchets, and poleaxes, etc.

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Your objective, first of all, is to create a strong army specializing in one of the 10 weapons. You need to work on optimizing the skill levels to bring down the opposing army. It is an MMO so thousands of other warlords are there as potential bloodthirsty threats. This fact brings in strategy as a vital factor. This is where you realize the significance of strategic thinking because after all, there is no way to defeat the enemies scattered around looking to bring you down as soon as your army looks slightly weaker.

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The games allow you to engage your army in the siege expedition with 14 other armies. So, for a siege, you need to befriend 14 other players to become a team of 15 armies (maximum number of armies in one team). Similarly, the opposing team is also the congregation of a maximum of 15 armies. This stage involves thinking to come up with a master-plan. You have work on the proper formation to take down the opponents one by one with the help of the siege weapons.

Seize The Crown – The Total War

Around 1500 bloodthirsty warlords are waiting for the right opportunity to chop their enemies. You may call Seize The Crown a large scale presentation of cinematic battles. One of the promising features of the game includes Player Customization. The game lets you custom design an exclusive commander to brush away the weaker warlords around your area.

Weekly Challenges in Seize The Crown

Things get serious when you become strong enough to take on large enemies. This is where the quest for the crown begins. Don’t forget that Seize The Crown is a time-limited MMO. Each new week comes up with a unique challenge. Completing the challenge entitles you to a weekly reward. These rewards contribute to the prestige and riches of your warlord. The reward could be anything from 200 tiers of currency, chests, siege weapons, and cosmetic items.

conqueror's blade seize the crown

In order to advance and befriend other warlords to create a team, you need to show them your worth. This is where the rewards and prestige come into play. You only have to complete the challenges to unlock different rewards. In addition, there are free and paid rewards you can unlock. Free rewards, obviously are available to all, don’t help you stand out. The high-tier rewards are there but you have to purchase them from the in-game store.

The game presents you with the maps to help you as a guide to the weekly challenge. The game is different from many other medieval MMOs. Trade, property ownership, and technology are the means to upgrade your kingdom. You could easily get lost in this game because of it a seasonal event and you’d love to achieve more and more in less amount of time.

Verdict – Seize The Crown

Until now, Seize The Crown is doing a nice job and the players are loving the game. The season was released on September 30th and is now into the 4th week. I have noticed that the developers have done a great job to fix the bugs. For instance, the infamous Westwood Map had the respawn point bug which is now fixed. While chasing the rebels, the open-world bug made the level-clearance impossible. Now it has been fixed. The map sometimes hid newly constructed buildings but now there is no such delay. Overall, Seize The Crown is a much-improved update on its predecessors.

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