Planet Zoo – PC Game Review

Micromanagement is the cornerstone on which the excitement of a simulation game depends. An impressive simulation game is the one that excites you with entertaining micromanagement instead of laborious efforts. It always excites the gaming geeks to watch their empire grow and bear fruit through exceptional decision making.

Planet Zoo PC game review

The game becomes rewarding when is successfully overwhelms your experiences. Planet Zoo is one of those simulation games that appeal through meaningful directions.

It’s a Challenging Game

You must excel in all areas and this is what makes Planet Zoo a challenging simulation. Being thrown next to the lions lets you realize that point-scoring isn’t really the only concern. For instance, if the visitors feel that the animals are not being properly taken care of, they don’t shy off protesting against your management and they really do it in an outrageous manner.

Planet Zoo simulator


The toughest of challenges is that the customers tend to become hostile by showing criminal attributes if they feel that the place is not really enjoyable. Planet Zoo also keeps you worried about the animal’s behavior. They always seem to look for something and are foxy enough to find a way on the wrong side of the fence by somehow escaping the barriers. You have to invest enough to make sure that the barriers remain well in shape to hold the animals inside.

Plenty to Look After

There is plenty to take care of, you have to make the right and wise decisions to maintain the balance. On the one side, you have to feed the animals well and on the other hand, you need to keep the visitors happy so that the profit doesn’t fall over time.

Planet Zoo PC Game

Obviously, most of the resources are consumed to keep the animals in good shape and calm enough to show no signs of frustration or weakness. You also behave like an animal researcher to know the natural tendencies of these animals depending on the species. For instance, you got to have the exact knowledge of the suitable temperature, topography, and the type of toys to keep the animals busy, active, and agile. Like us, animals also need physical activity which they do a lot in the jungle but when in a confined space, you have to provide them with something that increases their curiosity.

Realistic Approach

Planet Zoo is strikingly realistic when it comes to the conditioning and requirements. For instance, even if you adopt the ideal breed, there always remains a chance of drastic change. Buying a high-priced timber wolf pair could appear profitable because of a higher fertility rate but the cost stops you from bringing in other animals. It is an example of a situation where decision making becomes highly critical.

Planet Zoo Timber Wolf

Animal care is the primary concern since you have to invest a lot to maintain a higher level of care. This is essential to keep the visitors happy and calm and avoid any chances of protest.

Planet Zoo – Variety of Animals

You have an extensive range of species you could opt for including Japanese Macaques and Komodo Dragons. But first, you have to learn about their behavior, the conditions they like, and the food they need. At this point, this simulation game shows signs of boredom. To achieve anticipated success, you are forced to regularly revisit the Zoopedia. The twist is that the Zoopedia keeps getting updated with new details, sometimes rejecting the previously accepted hypothesis.

Planet Zoo Tiger


The specificity and detailing have impressed me by far than any other feature. But the problem is that the detailing is in the form of boring textbook style. It eats up most of your head and this is where Planet Zoo tends to lose grip of its fascination.

There is Good Lesson Though!

I like the fact that the developers have tried their best to spread a great message. The game encourages conservation though the release of animals back where they actually belong to. By contributing to animal conservation, you receive bonuses and incentives.

The game lets you come up with cool ideas about designing your zoo. You have the option to customize the zoo as per your strategy. You could run a marketing campaign, train your staff, and set the most suitable price to attract more and more visitors. But it is challenging at the same time because you have too many options and you need to properly manage the investment keeping in mind the return in the future. It basically walks you through trial and test phases and only then you get to realize what exactly needs to be done and which options are practically useless.

The Drawback

With so many customization features and options, you basically get confused because Planet Zoo lacks adequate guidance.

Planet Zoo protest

Things often become complicated and chaos becomes inevitable. The only way to learn is the experimentation and evaluation of the results. You fail once, try something different, fail again, and it goes on.


Planet Zoo is challenging, not fully entertaining but still not useless. I’d rate it 7.2/10. I hope that the upgrade on this simulation game comes with an adequate guide and the research stuff becomes more interactive than just being a boring textbook style.

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