CONTROL from Remedy Entertainment – Is It Good Enough to Beat Max Payne Legacy?

What we love most about Remedy Entertainment is the use extensive use of cinematic graphics – just recall the slow-motion action in Max Payne! For a while, Remedy seemed to create a distance from what it was mainly popular but the release of Control – the latest title from the company triggers the flame again. Though Quantum Break managed to impress us all with its flawless performance and it looks as if Control is going to have a tough time – if it is meant to overshadow its predecessor.

Control game review
Remedy Entertainment

Control – The Plot

This time you don’t have the feeling of being the newly appointed FBC Director. This game makes you feel the tension of being dropped straightaway into a tense situation – you are not going to feel the authority, the pleasure of being in total control. You are going to find yourself inside The Oldest House where you’ll find that everything is missing, nothing is there of much of your use. All you are going to witness is the tense thrilling situation which makes you feel as if someone just dropped you in the middle of a Television show. You straightaway judge that strange things have happened but you don’t really have an idea what to expect next. The suspending corpses haunt the house. Jesse Faden is the character you are going to play. She hasn’t managed to live an easy life and has to stumble across the FBC somehow.

Control gameplay

The door shuts behind Faden as she walks down the streets, somewhere in New York. This is the only thing that depicts normality in this game. Staff members are there hiding inside different rooms of the Oldest House. But, Faden is in the middle of something horrifying.

The setting is intriguing, mainly because of the terrible twisting beast trying its best to fight against The Hiss, a corruptive existence that is trying to invade The Oldest House. You’ll notice the red hues which are suggestive of the presence of the Hiss. All of sudden you’ll notice that the whole place behaves like a moving space. It is constantly changing, making it tough for you to judge what’s next. This game has countless ways of dragging you back into a situation where you are worried about something coming out of a corner.


It doesn’t serve you with complete freedom which you generally experience when playing high-class strategy games. It is not going to be a thorough pleasure because the settings of the space are tough to navigate. It will require you to rely heavily on your experience instead of the in-game navigation map. I have tried the map only to realize that it isn’t of much use – it lacks details. This is nothing more than an old-school map mentioning your current location without much details of the surroundings. The idea perhaps is to keep the player feeling the stress and suspense which might well be frustrating at time. There are some signs on the walls as well but still, unpredictability prevails throughout.

Control will Test Your Nerves

It really is going to frustrate you especially by tricking you into a position where you realize that you have missed an important door during an attempt to reach from point A to point B. The setting is captivating but at the time it requires out of the box thinking. Just recall Max Pyne’s stage called Dead Man Walking which takes you to a point at which you have no idea where to go.

Game Review of Control

Another frustrating fact is that you are not free to move around – Jesse is in control and you can only go where the House allows you to go. The game only lets you see what Jesse thinks you should see. It adds to frustration because most of the geeks love playing with complete freedom of choice.

Remedy Entertainment is master at construction a plot filled with intrigue and mystery. But the things that frustrate me in real life is that Control looks like an unfinished plot. It gives a feeling of an incomplete sentence missing an important clause. The game-end is arguable quick and abrupt and it is the case with most of the Remedy’s games.


On technical grounds, there are some issues with the game – especially the occasional lags. On the whole, Control seems to have gained much of its qualities from Remedy’s impressive hit – Quantum Break. Control features soft-filmic graphics along with outstanding effects. The good thing is that the characters are highly detailed.

Control game graphics

The beginning isn’t exciting at all though there is a sense of mystery prevailing everywhere things get better as the game goes on. The story of Jesse helps you to understand why this surreal surrounding is more natural-looking to the protagonist. Overall, Control is every dimension-shifting and shape-changing scenario presenting you with intriguing puzzles.

Hiss in Control game

Control is an Engaging Tale

Remedy Entertainment is best at feeding gaming geeks with engaging tales and Control is yet another testimony. The style and storytelling are extremely good and it also serves you with side-content. Combat, style, side content, and story are much better than what you experience when playing Quantum Break.

Control Game action


I can easily recommend Control for various good reasons – the action, style, and cinematic graphics! If you ask me to rank it on a scale of 10, Control is worth 6.5/10. Not too high but not utterly disappointing.

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