S1 Episode 7: Hook Man

Two teens decided to take a late night drive. They’re sitting in the car, things are getting heated. They hear a thump outside of the car. The soon-to-be-lucky boyfriend decides to be the man and check it out. He gets out looking for the cause of the noise. A few moments go by so the girl gets out to see what’s going on. Only to find the guy she was about to kiss is now dead on the car.

Welcome to Episode 7 of Supernatural, Hook Man.

This episode of Supernatural carries a bit of hilarity in it. Sam and Dean find themselves with a case where people are being murdered by a hook. Dean ends up having to pretend he and Sam are there to join college. There is even one scene where Dean finds himself having to paint a man’s back with some blue paint. As he does Sam asks questions to try and find out what has been going on in the town.

A while later Sam and Dean attend a church viewing for the young man that died. Dean takes notice of the pastor’s daughter, Lori, and is quickly smitten with her. After a prayer is said for the young man Dean makes a beeline for her. Sam tries to dissuade him, but Dean is not having any of it. Later the two brothers go back to their hotel room and find out the urban legend. They try to figure out how to deal with the Hook Man, and eventually end up finding a grave that contains the body.

They burn the body, and both brothers of course assume that’s the end of it. Sam goes out to meet Lori at her house to talk to her. It turns out Lori has a thing for Sam and not Dean. They talk for a while, and Lori leans in to kiss him. Sam refuses and talks to Lori about his past girlfriend. Lori then openly admits her father had been sleeping with a married woman. Within minutes the hook man appears and attacks the pastor, Lori’s father. Sam is able to save the pastor but he has to be taken to the hospital.

Later, Sam and Dean end up at the church with Lori. They start bringing everything that is made out of silver. It turns out the hook from the hook man was given to the church. The hook was melted down and made into something else. As the brothers rush around finding everything they can Lori is panicking because the hook man is coming for her. Only later do Sam and Dean realize the necklace Lori is wearing used to be the hook. Her father had given it to her when he became pastor. They rip it off and throw it into the fire. The hook man burns away and all is well.

This episode really helps to set the bar about how more of the future episodes will be like. At this point in time Sam and Dean are much more comfortable with each other. There’s a good scene where Sam has the shot gun filled with salt. He and Dean go out into the woods to hunt for the ghost of the hook man only to be caught by a police officer. Dean does some quick lying to get them out of trouble.

Viewers will also get a glimpse in this episode of the differences in belief between Sam and Dean. For example, in the church scene Sam bows his head in prayer. Dean on the other hand doesn’t. Instead he keeps his head up and looks around the church. He seems to be a bit uncomfortable up until they leave. This comes to play in future episodes and scenes with Sam.

A great plus about this episode is the innovation of yet another Urban Legend. The Hook Man comes from a common urban legend about teenagers who go out to Lover’s Lane. Of course, on Lover’s Lane teenagers start to get a little feisty. They hear noises outside the car, and later two dead bodies will usually be found.

In this version Lori’s necklace was acting as a bit of a gateway for the Hook Man. The Hook Man would “punish” anyone Lori considered to be bad. Hence why the Hook Man attacked the boy she was with, and then next her father. Lori blamed herself for her father being attacked and this was the reason the Hook Man started to come after her next. It’s just another little update to an urban legend that is classic, but fits in well.

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