Purpose in the Machine – AOS S3E2

OK, bit of a mixed bag this week as the impressive season opener did not really carry through in my opinion into week two.  While there was still quite a bit going on in this episode, the team was somewhat fractured dealing with all of the different responsibilities and goals that they needed to address. The first and perhaps most important was a straight continuation from last weeks attack on the Monolith by Fitz. Stopped by the rest of the group just before the Monolith decides to try and eat him, they realize that wherever it has taken Simmons, it has not just destroyed her as there is some dust left on Fitz’s face from a different planet. Coulson realizing that there is now some hope of recovering her has everyone get on deck to solve the problem of her disappearance.

Invoking the assistance of the Asgardian we’ve seen earlier – Dr. Randolph – who has been around for thousands of years and does not want to be sent back to Asgard. As such he has hunted high and low for all portals and should have information that they could use.  Once they find him, they determine that the Monolith was at one point in an English castle. It seems that over the ages people have discovered and analyzed this monolith to try and determine how it works and what it does and over the course of centuries some scientists have managed to create a way to activate the Monolith on demand (which in my opinion is quite impressive for individuals from the Renaissance/Medieval era!).

Fitz realizes immediately what they’ve discovered and they have Mac bring the Monolith to them so that they can try to rescue Simmons. Utilizing the tech from the middle ages Daisy (I’m going to have trouble with this name change and while I realize and can understand her justification for doing it and even applaud her for embracing her past, I’ve gotten used to Skye and I know her.  Daisy – well she’s still a bit of an unknown to me and someone I’m not as comfortable with) is able to open the Monolith by vibrating it at a certain frequency, although this obviously causes her quite a bit of pain.  While their initial intent is to send a probe through to see if they can find any sign of Simmons, Fitz decides to take the bull by the horns and leaps through the portal onto the  surface of another planet and in the middle of what looks to be a vicious sandstorm.  Struggling through the vicious storm, Fitz manages to locate Simmons and while at times he looks like he will lose his grip on her, they are able to make it back through the portal before it is destroyed due to the interference and effects of Daisy’s powers.  Yay!!!  Fitz and Simmons are back together!!

Now it must be stated that this is idiotic and while I understand that Fitz would do anything for Simmons he’d also check and see if there was breathable atmosphere wouldn’t he?!  He is a (brilliant) scientist & while he might be (is) still a bit messed up because of what Ward did, and while I’d agree and admit he’s conflicted, I didn’t like this at all!  I suspect the sandstorm/windstorm that he was subjected to on the other side was due to the portal being kept open and it effects on the local environment, but I would have expected to see some blowback on the Earth side of that gate which didn’t occur.

While all all of this is going on we finally have the reappearance of Ward and Hydra. Ward has transformed the organization into one that is significantly more violent and deadly than anything we have seen before and the members of this resurgent force seem willing to risk and do anything for his pleasure and approval. When he takes his forces and captures a playboy dilettante off of a yacht in the Mediterranean for the stated intention of obtaining his funds, it seems a little bit Micky Mouse, but this playboy is absolutely not what he seems.  As the son of the previous leader of Hydra, he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty himself and quickly defeats Wards designated lieutenant – exactly as Ward had intended.  Ward wanted to see what he was made off and whether or not he would work with him in restoring Hydra and he’s gotten the answer he was looking for.

So as mentioned stuff has happened however we haven’t seen the reappearance of Lash – seemingly unstoppable based on what we saw last week or the team that Coulson was tangling with.  There is a very brief mention of secret warriors by May’s husband in a seemingly off the cuff remark and with all the other rumours out there, this is bound to come to fruition fairly soon.  May herself makes a very brief appearance as the perfect daughter which by itself is almost enough to make you shake your head in disbelief!

Simmons, even though she has now returned I’m sure there has to be some impact of her travels on the other side of the Monolith (PTSD is I’m sure the smallest part of it and it would be quite interesting to see her transform in some way also due to her exposure or something like that).  In all honesty the whole destruction of the Monolith itself was somewhat anti-climactic as it didn’t really do anything. Well I’m glad to see Ward back on our screens I’m actually starting to get a little bit frightened of him as he always seems to be multiple steps ahead of everyone else and this capability could lead to him becoming something quite horrifying in the future. May and Hunter are going to try and hunt him down, but the Ward that we’re seeing now – well my prediction is that, he’s not someone they will have an easy time with!

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