Agents of Shield – The moment when everyone gasped …

Last weeks episode of Shield didn’t really give us any great shocks or surprises did it?  I mean we all knew that Skye was Daisy Johnson (Quake) … we all knew that Raina was something different, something new and we all knew that Tripp was dead.  What we didn’t know however was how the team would react to these changes.  To the death of a friend and colleague, to the transformation of a friend … well I think we have those answers at least now.

Have we got all of our answers?  No, not by any stretch of the imagination and like all good TV we’ve probably got even more questions than we did before.

  • I mean what is Raina now?
  • Who is the Nightcrawler-esque jumper that we saw save her?
  • What is the secret that Bobbi is hiding and is
  • HYDRA out of the picture or will they be back?

This one episode by itself opened up a raft of different questions that we need answers to and the ones I’ve mentioned are probably just the tip of the iceberg!  One thing that was done quite excellently however was the introduction of our new “powers” for this latter half of the season.

I mean, by this point its been well publicized that due to the deal Marvel crafted with FOX they are unable to use the XMEN or any of the other Mutants or mutant characters in the MCU – one would hope that they’d be able to do something similar to what they’ve recently done with Sony and it’s Marvel property (Spiderman) so that we can eventually get the mutants into the MCU – and as such they’ve needed to go a different route to introduce a host of different characters with powers – namely the Inhumans.

What we didn’t know however is how were these characters going to be introduced to us?  Would it be something off the cuff said in passing or would it be something completely different, something a lot more ominous and frightening?

aosWell in last week’s episode we got our answer to that question at least and it was nothing less than perfect!  It was appropriate to the conversation, it made sense to the story and it gave us an idea of how different these new characters are going to be.

We got a chance to see how Simmons feels about people with powers in this new world order but more importantly we got a chance to understand what someone going through such a change would act and feel like.

One other thing we saw though?  We saw true friendship – love, caring and devotion that you only see in families and to be honest isn’t that what our core group of agents in this show are?  They go that extra mile for each other and will do anything to help each other succeed.

While the changes to Skye are still in the very early stages and she has no real control over her powers, the one thing that we know for sure is that while she might be Inhuman she still has human connections and it is these connections that will help her to gain a handle on her powers and survive.

While the first half of AOS might have been all about HYDRA and the events subsequent to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I expect that HYDRA is going to take up significantly less screen time in this latter half of season two as they explore the ramifications of the changes to Skye and who and what she is now.

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