Justice League : Movie Dream Cast

It may or may not be common knowledge by now that DC’s Justice League comic will finally make it to the big screen on November 17, 2017.

You can expect to get plenty of lead up solo movies come out before said movie. The interesting thing is that many of the main cast is already set. That being said, the audience doesn’t really know what to expect from the bulk of the actors chosen.

Fans and non fans alike have already taken issue with Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I can’t blame them really but we’ll see what he can bring to it before I pass judgement.  So being the nerd that I am, I actually came up with my dream cast for the Justice League movie. I did have some help with this from an unnamed source. Wouldn’t want to out them as a nerd haha.

Superman – Henry Cavil

One thing that ( I think) Can’t be argued, no matter what you thought of Man OF Steel, Henry Cavil is an excellent choice for Superman. He looks very much like the comic version and his acting chops are there. He doesn’t look as silly as I thought he would in the costume. He pulls it off very well. It’s impossible to erase the legacy Christopher Reeve left but Henry Cavil is a worthy successor.

Batman – Christian Bale

I gotta say I’m a fan of what Bale brought to the table as Batman. I’m a fan of the Nolan trillogy and just imagining Christain Bale in this Justice LEague universe is exciting. Mainly because it brings a very cool level of continuity that will only make help make the movie more epic. I mean, it’s already epic to have the JLA together for the first time on film but having Christian Bale gives a veteran presence that I think the film needs. At least, now in the early stages.  One thing is for sure… The fans would not be as fearful as they now are.

Wonder Woman – Charlize Theron

After seeing Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road I’m sold. She was outstanding in it, and the whole time I was thinking ”  Damn, I wish she was cast as Wonder Woman.” She brought so much intesity, strength and compassion to the role of Furiousa that given right director, she would nail Wonder Woman. Another important thing for me when I watch action movies is the believably of the actor or actress kicking ass. There’s no doubt, I believe it with her.

Green Lantern – Chris Pine

Not only does Chris Pine share the likeness of Hal Jordan AKA Green Lantern, but he also shares characteristics he has played before with success. The character needs fearlessness, cockiness, humor, depth and wit. Sounds a lot like Captain Kirk to me. Thanks to Star Trek, Chris Pine is already used to being in the sci fi environment that Hal Jordan’s character would mostly live in, making for an easy transition on film.

The Flash – Ryan Gosling

I actually like the current actor playing the Flash on TV he doesn’t quite live up to the caliber of Ryan Gosling. Gosling is a very versatile actor with a ton of experience under his belt. Making it very easy for him to fit into this already elite group of actors without being frazzled. He’s the right age at the right time who could do Barry Allen justice. no pun intended.

Martian Manhunter – Idris Elba

For Martian Manhunter, the ” heart of the justice league” you need an actor who can portray gravitas and inspire calm, all the while ready to explode with intensity when needed. If you have watched Thor, Pacific Rim or Luther, you know he can deliver all those traits and more. He even had a cool voice that doesn’t need much altering.

Green Arrow – Matthew Mcconaughey

For my seventh choice I went with Green Arrow. A bit older than many of his acting counterparts but who cares! I know I don’t want any fresh faced Green Arrow. It would be nice to have an actor of great capability play Oliver Queen right and not like a derivative version of Batman. Green Arrow needs a lot cocky swagger and a sense of humor.

These are just my humble picks. I’m sure many will agree and disagree but let’s hope what we see on screen is better than my picks!


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