Angel’s New Look for X-Men: Apocalypse Revealed

Ever since the end credit scene of X-Men: Days of Futures Past, we have waited with bated breath for X-Men: Apocalypse to come out.  Those familiar with the popular comic storyline have some expectation for some certain character from previous movies, and director Bryan Singer has done his best to slowly tease the character of Angel – Will he be back? When ? How?  It’s finally official, and it’s got comic fans talking

Angel is back with a brand new look

Last we saw Angel, he was in X-Men: The Last Stand, with his full broad Angle wings.  According to Empire Magazine, Angel’s previous actor Ben Hardy will be back, but thanks to some leaked concept art for the Apocalypse film, he’s got a slightly different look

 “[H]e’s not a very nice Angel! And that’s all I’ll say…” – Director Bryan Singer

Comic fans are thrilled to see the new metal wings of Angel, as those familiar with the comic story arc will remember Angel’s original wings being destroyed.  In exchange from metal replacement wings, he agreed to join the evil forces of Apocalypse, serving as the fourth Horseman of Death, and taking the name ArchAngel

It’s a safe bet that Angel will strike a similar deal with the evil ancient mutant in the film turn, check out these images of Angel ArchAngel thanks to Empire


[Via Empire Magazine]

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