Dark Matter – Ep1S1

This show while cool is also somewhat depressing right off the bat (but for purely personal reasons) that I’ll get into later.  The premise of the show is that 6 strangers wake up on a nameless ship with no memory of who they are or what they are doing there.  While they are able to converse with each other (they’ve not lost language skills) they each seem to have a different ability or gift that helps them in some way (this is the annoying thing I was talking about … I’m sure that if 90% of the world ever lost their memories, they would not have a “special ability” remaining) and while they are similar to some of the caricatures we’ve seen on shows like Firefly, Stargate and Star Trek there is the potential that this crew could be quite interesting given enough time.

Episode Recap

The crew (who name themselves one-six) gradually awaken on a seemingly derelict ship hurtling through space.  Sparks fly and steam hisses, and a robot voice announces that “life support is at 15%.” when one & two find the bridge.  Here a quick little battle ensues where two kicks one’s butt and presses a bunch of buttons on a console restoring life support to the ship.  As the others gradually awaken or are woken by the others they discuss what might have happened and why they are where they are.  They try to compare notes to figure out if anyone remembers anything (by the way not sure if its a give away or not, but when they woke up six (played by Roger R. Cross who you might remember from Arrow, Continuum, Eureka & First Wave) they “assumed” that he’d lost his memories also as they didn’t really let him ask questions at the start … makes me wonder if perhaps he was involved in the whole memory loss thing up front?) and try to compare notes about what each of them know … very little as you might guess!

The group surmises that they are the crew on a transport vessel doing a long range haul and their ship encountered technical difficulties … although this does not explain their lack of memory. Three opens a crate in which there are a bunch of firearms. Two tells everybody to pair off and explore the ship.  As the group continue their explorations throughout the ship, six and four come across another pod containing what looks like another member of the ships crew.  One the bridge, two and five are talking when she notices that some sort of security protocol has been initiated – this in fact turns out to be the woman that four found … she is busy pulverizing the rest of the crew and is able to easily disarm them and sends them flying all over the place with well placed punches, kicks and throws.  Two figures out that she must be the security protocol mentioned and manages to figure out a way to disarm her by turning her off!

Two reveals that the formerly sleeping woman is an android whose “biosynthetic physiology” is similar to that of the ship’s outer hull. Two is smart. Three wants to lock The Android away, but two says that she’s de-programmed her security command and re-booted her so that she is no longer a threat to the gang, and could prove useful. She apparently has a neural link to the ship’s mainframe, allowing her to repair the ship and potentially its computer’s memory.

After waking the android up, they try to determine why she/it attacked them, but android informs them it has no memory of this & that it also doesn’t know who the members of the crew are or why they are on the ship.  When two asks the android for assistance in restoring the ships systems, the android informs them that the ship is currently emitting a distress signal and it looks like the ship was holed by a meteorite.  Its during this lull that the gang all seem to discover some additional secrets – in some cases scary secrets … for example five telling six that slashing the carotid artery is a good way to kill someone!

Attempting to fix the ship, the android informs two that they are under attack from another ship and with her direction initiates evasive maneuvers which overload the grav plates of the ship and the intertial compensators causing the crew to float in the air.  However she’s eventually able to initiate a hyperjump to the ships original destination and the crew are finally on their way!

Arriving at their destination, they travel down to the surface in the ship’s shuttle.  Here they are confronted by a group of miners that have been extracting “terrium” however the miners while kindly request that our crew escape as quickly as possible as the evil Ferrous Corporation has contracted the Raza – a gang of assassins – to kill everyone on the planet so that they can take it over.  One of the miners (Rothgar) had gone to acquire weapons to help but he has not yet returned and one thinks that the weapons on the ship are actually destined for the planet.

Back on the ship, five tries to fix one of the damaged consoles. She tells Two that she had a dream that she was walking her brother back to the palace where people murdered her father and then came for her. Instead of murdering them, she carved out their eyes and left them for her bitchy stepmother to find. What’s even weirder is she claims that the dream wasn’t hers, but somebody else’s.

After some debate on the ship with regards to the weapons, the crew agree to leave half the cargo with the miners and keep the other half to help them survive but before they can shuttle the weapons down to the surface, the android discovers the identities of one – three and five and six … it turns out they aren’t the benevolent souls we thought them to be, but rather they are murderers, thieves and kidnappers & the Raza is not a gang of assassins, but is rather the name of the ship itself!  They aren’t here to help the miners … they are the ones that have been sent to destroy them!!!

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