Dark Matter – #2 – The Mikkei Corporation & more familiar faces

Continuing on from the previous episode we find that while our characters have some idea of their past, they almost all immediately dispute them choosing not to believe the negative allegations.  However they quickly turn around as the proof is somewhat incontrovertible … it is somewhat strange that they don’t make a point of pointing out or discussing the fact that number Five (psychedelic punk girl)  doesn’t seem to have a bio or history or purpose on the ship at all … it seems kind of odd as you’d think that would be one of the first things mentioned?!

While this is only the second episode I actually have to admit that there is quite a bit of humor already and the characters are definitely showing some quite recognizable (albeit predictable) quirks and characterizations. Number Three continues to make jokes about his personality & how he would “rate himself” in terms of badness in comparison to the rest of the crew.  Number Six continues to act very serious and the Android utilizes her “stealth subroutine” to sneak up on members of the crew. I know it’s still early days and they’re still in the character building phase but I really have some high hopes at this point which might be a little bit premature.

Three: Which one of us do you think’s got the baddest rep?

Six: What?

Three: Yeah, I mean, just based on what we know about each other, which is not a lot to go on, I know, how would you rank us in order of Most Wanted, from like “super bad-ass” all the way on down to “cause for concern”. Hmm?

[Six just stares at him]

Three: For instance, I’d put me in first spot, you’d slide right there in second. Boss Lady, well, she’d be third on account of her badattitude, ol’ Slashy Stabberson fourth. Pretty Boy and the kid tied for last place cause it looks like she’s got a bit of a temper.

Six: You being serious?

Three: You’d rate her higher?


Three: Yeah, maybe.

Elizabeth Weir (Stargate)

Elizabeth Weir (Stargate) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This episode picks up immediately after the previous one ends with a discussion about what to do with the “extra” weapons on the ships … while Number One wants to help the miners defend themselves, he is overruled by Number Two who indicates they need to stick with the original plan and just deliver the goods and then get away.  Unfortunately while they are in the midst of the delivery a destroyer sent by their corporate paymasters arrive and they are forced to make a decision and pick a side.  Could this be the road to redemption that they have been seeking?

Some Questions still outstanding

  • Who or what is the Android and is it really on their side? Seems like even though the Android says she has no recollection or memory she seems to know something that’s for sure. If you remember correctly from the previous episode she indicated right from the get go that she wasn’t able to recover any files or details of the crew members of the crew however at the end of the episode she had quite a bit of detail that was supposedly recovered from the system … I think the comments she makes to number Five in regards to being “happy that at some point she might wish she wasn’t a member of the crew” seems to imply definite prior knowledge.
  • Considering that Number Two had “no knowledge” of who she was … she seemed to have definite knowledge of the galactic situation as not only was she able to find another rival corporation (extremely quickly) she was able to speak to the right person their and get them to come back with her to help diffuse the situation.  Could she be lying about her memory loss?
  • Who else from another SciFi show will show up next? I think I mentioned in my review of the previous episode the character number 6 being somebody that you seeing her this way. In this episode we find another character that we’ve seen in previous scifi shows. This time – Torry Higginson (Dr. Elizabeth Weir) – from Stargate Atlantis!
  • Who erased their memories in the first place and what was the real reason … the comment that Five makes at the end of the episode implying their memories were erased “because they are dangerous” seems a bit silly really as we know they are mercenaries already.  Someone must have seen something I suspect and that’s what necessitated the need for erasure.
  • Who is Five?  Not only is she a bit weird but she’s getting quite creepy with her dream memories that aren’t her own and her somewhat strange abilities.
  • What is in the box that Four opens and what’s behind the doors that Three cannot open?

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