Agent Carter – Snafu

Well, we’re finally here … the penultimate episode of Agent Carter and boy have we seen Peggy go through a lot. In a nutshell, in the office she’s known as the office secretary, and a dizzy dame (when she helped Jarvis in his interrogation), she’s also shown herself to be one bad-ass babe with Thompson and now she’s been designated as nothing more than a traitor! Considering that once upon a time she was completely disregarded as nothing more than furniture … well furniture that could fetch sandwiches, I guess its a step up, but probably not in the direction that she was looking for!

Now under arrest, Carter undergoes interrogation by her former colleagues at the S.S.R. and somewhat surprisingly this interrogation goes a completely different direction than I was expecting. Sousa – obviously feeling immensely betrayed by Peggy is “bad” cop in this scenario and Thompson after his experiences with Peggy in Europe is the sympathizer and wants to trust Carter and urges her to give them something, anything they can use to let her off the hook. Now considering that at one point I’d thought Thompson might be a precursor to the introduction of HYDRA (and while I’d thought there might be a potential love interest thing happening between Sousa and Peggy) I guess it’s appropriate to say that I was nothing if not WRONG. I didn’t want to believe Thompson, the classic chauvinist pig could be redeemed, but it happened. Well, I guess I’m man enough to admit it when it happens! As the interrogation progresses, Sousa, Thompson and Dooley try to get Peggy to admit to anything but she is adamant and in fact continues to try and get them to listen to her side of the story, but doesn’t really give them any details.

After some time Jarvis appears with a signed confession from Stark, in which he promises to surrender if Peggy is released without charge, however while Dooley agrees to accept this letter when Stark physically surrenders to him and will let Peggy go – he also fires her from the Agency as the agents all believe that she has simply been “influenced” by Stark and that she didn’t make her decisions on her own. When the agents all leave the room however, Jarvis confesses to Carter that the document is fake, but while Peggy is busy berating Jarvis for ruining her chances of release she spots Dr. Ivchenko communicating in Morse code with Dottie across the street (If you recall I mentioned this happening in last weeks episode).

Carter finally decides that the only way to save everyone is if she reveals the whole truth to the other agents about everything which she proceeds to do and to prove that she’d actually telling the truth about Dr. Ivchenko she shows them the vial of Captain America’s blood. Dooley eventually decides to trust Carter and dispatches Sousa and Thompson to find Dottie while he watches over Dr. Ivchenko, but Dr. Ivchenko uses his hypnosis trick on him (by the way, I forgot to mention – at the beginning of this episode there was a somewhat touching scene where Dr. Ivchenko used hypnosis on a critically wounded soldier, allowing the surgeon’s to operate on him without pain. It had nothing to do with the story aside from showing how powerful
his hypnosis is, but it did show that perhaps he’s not as bad as you think he is? … nah, he’s a rat, you’ll see what I mean) and after the other agents leave, gets Dooley to handcuff Peggy and Jarvis in the interrogation room. Across the street, Thompson, Sousa, and two redshirts hunt for Dottie. This is an intense sequence, as on the one hand we want them to find her and thus prove Peggy was right. On the other hand, do four S.S.R. agents stand a chance against Dottie Underwood?

Ivchenko and Dooley then head to the S.S.R.’s labs to steal an item from the collection of Stark weapons. Meanwhile, Sousa confronts Dottie, but she manages to escape, killing another S.S.R. agent in the process. Ivchenko, now in possession of one of Stark’s weapons, hands Dooley an experimental armour vest to wear and escapes the HQ with item number 17 and is picked up by Dottie. When Thompson finally arrives to release Peggy and Jarvis they find a hypnotized Dooley in his office wearing the special vest which Jarvis informs them is another of Stark’s inventions – this time its one that keeps the wearer warm in adverse weather, but unfortunately it doesn’t work as intended and tends to overheat with catastrophic (read explosive) consequences!

Left with little choice, Dooley steals Thompson’s sidearm and in act of singular bravery, shoots out the window of the office, jumping out minutes before the vest explodes shattering the glass in the office, but leaving the agents largely unharmed. Dottie meanwhile appears at a local movie theater with a baby carriage containing a gas cylinder which she turns on before walking out of the theater. The gas quickly has an effect on the audience making them attack each other in a frenzy and to such an extent that they all kill each other!


Well as I’ve already admitted, my pet theories and idea’s have been somewhat washed down the drain here so instead of trying to come up with something else, I’ll just enjoy the rush to the finish line that we’re on with Agent Carter. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts that they aren’t taking this show slow and easy, and boy can you see that in the previous couple of episodes. With this week being the finale for this excellent show prior to the return of Agents of Shield my feelings are definitely mixed. It will be good to get Coulson and the gang back, but I’ll definitely miss my weekly appointments with Agent Carter also!

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