Knights of Sidonia (S2E02)

 This one definitely ended on a very different note, but perhaps let me get to that later.  In the previous episode the hybrid Gauna (Tsumugi Shiraui) had made a significant impact on the huge Gauna attacking Sidonia, however she was unable to completely destroy it when her weapon literally disintegrated.  Kunato as the pilot of the hybrid has her attack the huge gauna with her hands, however while she is doing significant damage, it is not without resources and quite quickly captures her in its tentacles.  While Tsumugi is the same size as any of the other Knights, on the flank of the Gauna, she is still only a fraction of the size and her doom is somewhat inevitable!

Fortunately Nagate is able to help free Tsumugi and while the other Knights are attacking the Gauna (taking massive damage themselves in the process) she is able to recharge and plunges through the heart of the massive, careening Gauna destroying it before it reaches the Sidonia.

Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the hybrid is introduced to the other pilots on the Sidonia there is much consternation and misstrust as the histories tell of us some the expirements conducted previously by Ochiai and the damage caused by other hybrids prior to their being destroyed.  However there is a very cute scene when Tsumugi sees Nagate and while it dismays the other pilots she “wags” her tail like a dog causing the whole ship to rock!  Unfortunately this lack of control only further plays to the fears of the pilots and technicians of the Sidonia.

Nagate being the hero that he is however, goes to visit the hybrid in her quarters … here he is introduced to a very strange and innocuous creature that in some ways resembles the alien bursting out of the chest from the aliens series of movies however in this case the chest burster is extremely friendly looking whereas the hybrid itself looks like the massive alien which is a very strange turn of events.  I’m guessing that in some way Kunato has transformed Guana/Human Hybrid that was Hishijiro into Tsumugi, but at this point that’s not really been made clear.The chest burster or primary personality of the hybrid however is is extremely happy to see Nagate and seems quite infatuated with him, which while cute doesn’t really match the tone of the previous season. 

The "chestburster" was shoved up thr...

The “chestburster” was shoved up through the table and false torso by a puppeteer. The scene has been recognized as one of the film’s most memorable. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However while all of this is going on the ruling council of Sidonia have chosen to exercise a vote of no confidence on the captain – she however does not choose to take this sitting down and dispatches her clone of Ochiai who uses some very strange weapons to massacre the ruling council. 

As mentioned this episode has taken some very strange times and isn’t as much about the battle against the Guana but rather a more political and focus.

Hopefully this is not the theme for the season as it would be quite annoying if that was the case as this show previously was really tight and well written.

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  1. Stephen M says:

    I haven’t finished season 2 but I’ve been highly impressed with this series so far. The animation can be a bit jarring at first but I do like the style and you can’t go wrong with well designed mechs.

    • ZoneSix says:

      Season 1 was excellent. I enjoyed the art and the story and it was not only interesting it was quite engaging too! I’m not 100% sold on Season 2 yet … it might be because my expectations were so high because of how good Season 1 was, but right now its going of on some pretty weird tangents and I hope they manage to pull it back in.

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