This book was one that I took with me on a long road trip.  I expected it to last me at least half the trip, but I quickly found that this one more than the other two was one that I just could not put down.  While I was bored for the rest of my trip I was extremely satisfied with the way this book was handled and the way that all the different parts and pieces of the puzzle were eventually all pulled back together.

It is a unique feeling when reading a book, you think back upon other parts of the series and think to yourself “so that’s what that meant!” … it’s very much akin to the feeling at the end of the Sixth Sense when you look back upon all the scenes that Bruce Willis was in and go “ah hah!”.

Brandon Sanderson has definitely done that in this book.  The story of the Kandra, who the Koloss are and the knowledge of the Terrasmen.  All of it has a part to play in this book and you will definitely enjoy seeing how all the pieces fit together.

In the Hero of Ages Vin and Elend are in a search for the secret to defeat the dark god Ruin.  While Vin is the only one that really believes in Ruin, Elend’s trust in her is absolute and with his new found Mistborn powers – he is now the strongest Mistborn in the land.  However, Vin’s experience and skill with the power still makes her the stronger of the two and they are a potent partnership.

With Vin’s new-found ability to control and influence the Koloss they are able to take control of a large army of Koloss in their search for the Lord Ruler’s cache’s of food, supplies and information.

However, the Koloss are not what they seem and their influence over them is also something that they do not understand fully. Discovering the secret of Atium and its resting place is only the first part in the puzzle to defeat Ruin.

To win however they will need to call upon strengths they didn’t know they had and learn the final secret of the land of the Last Empire.

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