Daredevil on Netflix: Series Review Part 2

At last I have completed watching the entire series. Part two of my review focuses on episodes 6 to 13. It was a wild ride that I hope to be on again. The question that really lingers in my head is will we get a second season right away or will Marvel focus on exploring Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and then do their Defenders series? These are just some of the  many questions that  arise after the action packed conclusion of Daredevil.


The next eight episodes really kept up with the pace of the first five. Perhaps, even a bit less brutal, but only a bit. The performances manged to stay strong and we had the chance to see more of a back story for characters like Wilson Fisk ( Who never gets mentioned as Kingpin). His back story was done very well and it showed how different & alike Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk really are. Both of these men had a strong father figure that directly affected the paths they choose. Of course, one was arguably much more negative than the other. We also get introduced to the character “Stick“. If you are unfamiliar with the comic, Stick served as Daredevil’s teacher and Sensei. We also learned that Stick is the one responsible for training Daredevil , not only to fight but how to control and harness his new abilities. There are some cool Easter eggs that leads me to believe we will be seeing the villainous group called ” The Hand” sooner rather than later.

The Pros:

Once again the performances are a key component that stands out to me. Wilson Fisk and Daredevil’s stories only get richer and more interesting thanks to the actors wonderful portrayals.Despite Wilson Fisk being ruthless criminal I couldn’t help but care about him. I even agreed with him in some ways. This is a testament to the thought that went in creating and portraying this character. I’m hearing a lot of flack regarding Foggy’s portrayal.A lot of people think his character is not played very well but it doesn’t grate me. Yes, he is the weakest link along with Karen Page, but it doesn’t ruin anything for me. A definite pro is the arrival and portrayal of Stick. Scott Glenn plays him almost perfectly. He certainly does justice to Frank Miller’s version. The episode he is in is a clear highlight after the first five. Without giving too much away, both he and Daredevil have a fight scene together that is equally as impressive as any on the series. At the end of Stick’s episode we get a hint of the bigger picture he keeps talking about and we get a view of a mystery character who is as of yet unidentified.


The fight scene’s continue to impress and the last episode is a gem of brawl. I won’t tell you who the participants are but it’s safe to assume it’s what the fans are waiting for. It’s important to point out the strength of the story as well. I have a few minor quibbles with it but I’ll get to that later. For the most part the story provides twists that are quite effective and it gives both the protagonist and the antagonist excellent arcs. The philosophical questions that the series put forward are more heady than the average superhero show and it feels very organic in its scheme. Obviously, I have to mention the elephant in the room. Daredevil’s red suit. It does appear and it’s very cool. It looks even better in action. We even get to see Daredevil’s trademark billy club.


The Cons:

I had a lot more time to reflect on this one. I’ll say that overall this is a great show but not one without it’s flaws.  One thing I noticed and that was actually, brought more to my attention by my girlfriend, was the lack of motivation for many of the supporting cast. Especially for Karen Page. She seems hellbent on tackling Wilson Fisk’s criminal organization despite the obvious dangers involved. The question is why? Why does she cares so much? She thinks and acts on these desires even to the detriment of others in her life. Foggy also has a similar problem but it’s more understandable for him because he is a lawyer. However you have to question his judgement when he sets out to go to war with Wilson Fisk knowing full well what kind of man he is. How can the consequences surprise him and Karen when they actually happened?  Another character who’s motivations I question is Claire. The medical practitioner responsible for patching up Daredevil. In my opinion she seems to be going along with Daredevil a little too easily. I think she has a motivation but it feels very flimsy to me.

These are all minor points that don’t take away from the season. I still maintain it”s the greatest live action superhero show of all time, even after only one season. Let the speculation about Daredevil’s next villain begin. I got to think Bullseye is next in line. How about you?

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  1. BollyBrit says:

    I have started watching this show this week (finally) and I must say it’s absolutely brilliant! It takes me a while to get into something but I was sold on to this from its first episode. Great production values and Brit Charlie Cox is AWESOME as the titular character. The violence is a bit grotesque but a welcome change in the Marvel universe and production values all round are ace. I cannot believe we have to wait a whole year for season 2. Either way Netflix have done a sound job with this!

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