Best Attack on Titan Songs to Workout To

With the Coronavirus leaving many of us isolated in our homes for days on end, it’s fairly easy to slip into a state of constant lax. Home workouts may not trigger the same intensity levels as a traditional gym would, but we’ve compiled a list of soundtracks from Attack on Titan that are sure to get you motivated. Just a reminder, however, that the songs are guaranteed to have more of an impact if you watch the show, all the way to part 2 of season 3. From the mind of Hiroyuki Sawano, we give you five songs that will help blast through any workout, or titan. Please note, there will be some mild spoilers below, so do read at your own risk.

Attack on Titan

Cover art for “Attack on Titan” Original Soundtrack, 2013

To start off the list, we have ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn (Attack on Titan) from season one. It is the first soundtrack of season one and produced by Hiroyuki Sawano and sung by Mika Kobayashi. Don’t let the name distract you, though. Sawano is known for titling his songs in cryptic and oftentimes mysterious fashion. This song starts off with a slow beat but gradually works its way to an epic climax. The heavy drums mixed with Kobayashi’s powerful voice delivers one absolutely menacing soundtrack that leaves your heart racing by the end of it. Perhaps one of the more popular songs from the show, ətˈæk 0N tάɪtn can usually be heard when the cast is met with an immediate danger of mass proportions. Kobayashi was also the vocalist behind Kill La Kill’s iconic song, Before my body is dry. 

Counter Attack Mankind

Members of the Survey Corps raise their fists before their expedition

Cóunter・attàck-m’ænkάɪnd (Counter Attack Mankind), a fitting name that embodies humanity’s best efforts against the relentless rampage of the titans. The only song on this list with no audible vocals, Counter Attack Mankind can unoffically be labeled as the Survey Corps’ anthem of victory, as it usually plays after the dust has settled and the titan bones dissipate. It is a song that echoes the successful progression of humanity’s path to freedom outside of the walls. Whether it’s helping you pull off a big lift or fending off a titan invasion, the triumphant echoes from this song incite a feeling of courage and strength that could be used to overcome any obstacle. Sasha Blouse’s unofficial theme is a variation of Counter Attack Mankind. Another soundtrack from the second season, ERENthe標 (Eren the Coordinate) also contains a leitmotif of Counter Attack Mankind. 

Call your name

104th training corps graduate, Mikasa Ackerman

Although the original version is sung by mpi, the alternate version by Gemie is the one we are referring to. It can be heard as the main ending song for the Attack on Titan OVA Lost Girls, featuring Annie Leonhart and Mikasa Ackerman as the focus characters. The song is about losing a loved one and dealing with the hardships of being separated thereafter. It is a rather bleak song that will definitely stir up a wide range of emotions for any listener. It is a reminder that although the main characters are trained soldiers, they are nevertheless humans who experience grief. Call your name works best when working out with exercises that involve high endurance (planking, running, isometric holds).    

Zero Eclipse

Cover art for “Attack on Titan” Season 3 Original Soundtrack, 2019

Zero Eclipse, a song that gets the blood rushing within a few seconds. The lyrics tell the story and eventual break out of Historia Reiss, one of the central characters of Attack on Titan. The song is an inspiring message to never hold back nor cower in fear. The vocalist, Laco, compliments the song perfectly with her rockstar-like singing. Despite the song being loved by many fans, it only plays once in the show and for roughly a little less than two minutes. It is included in Attack on Titan’s season 3 original soundtrack.  


A titan ready to unleash a devastating right hand punch

Perhaps Attack on Titan’s most recognizable song across all three seasons, YouseeBIGGIRL is a masterpiece song that delivers a rollercoaster of emotions for all six minutes of its duration. Sung entirely in German by Gemie, the song is played when the characters are in no position to flee and must dive headfirst into the battle. YouSeeBIGGIRL is also used during the most climactic turn of events in the story and further fuels the hype and atmosphere of the show. It is a memorable song that captures the horrific struggles that humanity within the walls must withstand. When your back is against the ropes, and you need to summon every ounce of energy left within your body, there’s a good chance YouSeeBIGGIRL can give you the well-needed empowerment to edge out any exercise. This song can be found within Attack on Titan’s season 2 soundtrack and is a leitmotif of Vogel im Kafig, another fan favourite. 

It goes without saying that Hiroyuki Sawano has gifted anime fans with yet another legendary list of soundtracks befitting to one of the greatest shows of recent history. When it comes to Attack on Titan, there is no shortage of beautifully composed music. Sawano has been enhancing anime with his talent for more than a decade now, with one of his more recent works being featured in the 2019 movie, Promare. His discography for anime titles can be found here.

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