Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer – Summary and Speculation

The trailer debut for the latest season of Attack on Titan just released, showcasing an entirely new world anime fans can get hyped about. Despite the short length, there are indeed some new revelations and plotlines that have been confirmed. 

This article contains major [SPOILERS] that discuss the main events in Attack on Titan seasons 1 to 3. It is highly recommended to watch the show before reading the article. Or, just watch the show!

The highly acclaimed anime Attack on Titan recently released a trailer for their fourth and final season. The roughly two-minute video showed a ton of new sights to behold and an environment that resembles a more modern civilization. It’s very clear from within the first few seconds that this season will be far different from what we’ve been accustomed to from the first three — and, that is certainly not a bad thing.

Let’s break down and try to speculate what is it we just saw and how it will affect our titan slaying soldiers. This article will only mention the events that have progressed in the anime version of the series so far. There are absolutely no manga spoilers and the author of this article has no knowledge of Attack on Titan beyond the events of season 3 part 2

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New World

We know from the grand reveal of the third season that there is a civilization outside of Wall Maria. The trailer shows snippets from a battlefield of soldiers fighting it out in trench warfare. They appear to have battleships, rifles, helmets, and bandoliers for their guns. It is a no brainer that the final season will have a significant setting on Marley soil and that our heroes from the scouting legion will be fighting a good amount of human combatants. Not only do they have more enemies to worry about, but they’re also challenged against, quite possibly, a greater threat than the aimless titans.   

New Titans

A pair of new abnormal titans, or possibly titan shifters have also emerged. The first one being a bearded, stocky titan with a skeletal like face shield, and the second one being a fully white titan equipped with a long, sledge-like weapon. Although they have yet to make an appearance, it is probably best to assume that they are against the Eldian people. 

New Faces

It wouldn’t be a new season if there weren’t new characters involved! The trailer shows a handful of new faces, including a group of new soldiers dawned in white uniforms. It is probably best to assume they are not from the Eldian island and are residents of Marley. There is also a millisecond of a frame that shows three new characters, a young girl with tied up hair, a blonde-haired boy and a frail-looking girl, with two of them wearing armbands.

Time Skip

The returning cast has matured quite a great deal. It is most likely a result of a time skip. The most notable changes are indeed visible in Reiner Braun, Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman. Reiner, having lost his dear friend in Bertolt Hoover and subsequently failing his mission to retrieve the coordinate, is seen with a stern face and rocking a light patch of facial hair. His determination to end the Eldian race seems to have strengthened over the time gap period. If it wasn’t already made apparent that he is the main character, there is no shadow of a doubt now.

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Eren Jaeger

Despite being shown for a measly couple of seconds, Eren can be seen with longer hair and a sculpted set of abs. Although he was quite muscular before, the animators made it a point to showcase his broader physique. Eren can also be seen putting on a jacket with a rather poised look. His facial expression looks somewhat of Levi Ackerman’s, calm and appearing as though they are prepared for the worst.

Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa has changed drastically, and perhaps the most so far. She is seen wearing a much shorter hairstyle, similar to a boy’s. Regardless, most viewers would probably not even recognize Mikasa during their first view of the trailer. At first glance, Mikasa looks like a completely new male character. But upon taking a closer look, it is evident that she is wearing the wings of freedom sigil belonging to the scouting legion. Mikasa debuts in the trailer looking cool and unbothered, as usual. Maybe this new androgynous look of hers has a meaningful backstory. Until then unfortunately, we can only speculate.     

Now or Never

Attack on Titan is set to end its masterpiece of a run in its fourth season. The show is already critically acclaimed and is easily in consideration of being the greatest anime of all time. The show was expected to air sometime in October of this year, but it may be at risk of being delayed due to COVID-19. Luckily, no reports of that have been confirmed. Until then, all we can do is hope for a scheduled release and pray that Attack on Titan gets a conclusive ending fitting of its historic series.  

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