Top 20 TV intro’s of all time (part 2)

Continuing on from part 1 – here are another 5 amazingly awesome TV intro’s for you to reminisce on!

15. Fresh Prince OF Bel Air

What a change up from American Horror Story. It’s hard to argue that Fresh Prince’s intro was not a big reason for the popularity and success that the show enjoyed. I remember kids singing it all the time when I was in school. It’s catchy and it tells the story. You don;t really need much to go into it fresh. No pun intended. Even to this day I’ll bet anyone who even remotely watched the show can sing the whole song verbatim.

14. Ekk The Cat

I am very much a product of the nineties as you can tell by now. Ekk The Cat is a strange choice, I’m sure. Once again due to it’s relative obscurity. A fairly violent kids cartoon with a fairly violent intro that I don;t know think would get made in today’s day and age. The intro just makes me laugh because it’s so fitting. It’s starts off heroic and goes on with a faster tempo and a zany guitar riff. It perfectly shows what the character goes through on each episode. It’s also extremely addictive to sing randomly.

13. MacGyver

How I loved this show when I was a kid. Very super heroic in a way. Strangely enough, a lot of what Mac did was scientifically sound…sort of. This is 80’s cheese 101. Every cliche from that time period is in this intro. Smiling? Check. Mullet? Check. Random Action? Check. Random eating of ice cream?…Check? Let’s not forget the music. Could they get a sappier or more upbeat song than this? Another amusing observation is the fact that when the name ” MacGyver” pops up on screen the world blows up. I’m not sure why. Macgyver is known for not using guns and pretty much rejects most forms of extreme violence, so having the world explode is highly unusual. Nevertheless one of my favorite chessy intros for sure.

12. Gargoyles

A highly underrated animated show in my opinion. Problem was that at the time there was a plethora of cartoons on and this one, arguably got lost in the mix. The intro showcased the stunning animation that everyone had come to expect from Disney. It was mysterious and was just action packed enough. I particularly like the intro as of season 2. They added the main character’s ( Goliath) voice as a narrator. I mean, Goliath was voiced by Keith David, and Keith David can pretty much say anything and make it sound cool.

11. Nighthood

I believe this is another show that may have been better known in Canada and possibly France. It focuses on the exploits of fictional character Arsene Lupin. The intro is one of the most outstanding animated shorts of all time. Right up there with a certain pointy eared crusader that may pop up later on this list. The composition of the intro is excellent. Well paced visuals with an intriguing and memorable score. The random silhouettes of real people running across fits so well. It’s a period piece and you really get that sense without it feeling old. Sadly the actual content never matched the quality of the intro. Not bad but not great either.

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