Top 20 TV intro’s of all time (part 1)

Time for a change of pace! let’s dig back into nostalgia and remember the glory that was TV intros. Some were great. Some were cheesy, but all were memorable in someone’s mind.  These days the TV intro is something of a relic. The mere fact that I can’t recall too many these days tells me that they just don’t make them like they used to. SO lets remember the good old days and get right to my 20 favorite TV intros of all time.

20. Masters Of Horror

This was a special event series that didn’t last as long as horror fans would’ve liked, although the quality really went down after the first season. It was a series of one and done episodes done by some of horror’s finest directors. At first glance there’s not much to the intro. It’s fairly simple.However,  I can’t help feeling an ominous sense of doom every time I watch it. It really sets the tone and sticks to the, less is more strategy

19. Danger Bay

This TV show may not be known much outside of Canada, particularly Vancouver. It’s the first example of 80’s cheese at its finest. The song is catchy, the introductions to the actors are typical and everyone is smiling. I can’t help but laugh in a good way every time I see it.

18. Law & Order

One of the longest run crime shows on TV happens to have one of the most memorable intros as well. It really stood out at the time when it came out because it seemed that most other TV creators were more keen on the Danger Bayish type of intro. Dick Wolf and Co. shied away from that and created an intro with mostly still images and a Jazzy pop theme to go with it. Once again, it set the tone without having to show too much. Law & Order always went through regular cast changes and this showed in their intro’s as well. I decided to go with season 3. My favorite detective pairing on the show. Briscoe & Logan.

17. Nowhere Man

Another obscure show that may or may not be known much outside Canada. I must confess that I have never watched a single episode of this show. At least I can’t really remember if I did. However if the job of the intro is to hook you in and stay in your head then mission accomplished. Every time it would come on TV I would watch this intro compelled to see what it was about. The weird thing is I could never care enough to sit through an episode. Now that I’m older and perhaps more” mature” I may have to give it a fair shake.

16. American Horror Story: Freak Show

A relative newcomer to TV but damn, what an intro. This one draws you in with the approach that it’s just disturbing enough to intrigue you. I found it very hard to look away even though it was extremely weird. It seems to use clay animation which is inherently creepy. Every season has a new story and thus a new intro but it seems, the consensus among fans is that “Freak Show” is the one to beat.

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