The Order – Season 1 Review

This show turned out to be a really fun and easy watch for me. Although I do have to admit that it took me a few watches of the first episode to actually get into it and finally sit down and watch the rest of it. It isn’t really my usual type of show, but it does get better as the episodes go on. 

The Plot

The main goal of the main character Jack is to kill his father and get revenge for the death of his mother. Along the way, however, Jack encounters magic, werewolves, golems, and many other strange creatures. I think that the whole idea of revenge on a family member is really good, especially because we learn about not only Jack’s father but the events that took place between Jack’s mother and how her death came to be. 

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The first season revolves around the introduction of this new world that Jack is put in, including his werewolf side and the magic he can use since being accepted into these secret societies. 

I found it really interesting to learn about the order and its history. The season revolved around Jack’s father having some sort of magical bond with an ancient object, and it was really cool to see how that object reacted to everything. Along with that, we were also able to see how the object actually came together as one piece. 

Also, it was really cool to learn about the “Knights of St. Christopher” and how their power of turning into wolves helps protect the world from what they call “bad magic”. Also, the way that the wolves came to be was a really interesting aspect of the season since it recurred throughout many episodes. 

I think one of the most impressive parts of their history was the fact that the wolves each had different personalities and different names. They aren’t just any ordinary werewolves. They are protectors and each of them is completely different. Jack’s wolf was named silverback and had a special role against the order, along with the rest of the “Knights of St. Christopher” also having intriguing roles.

The Characters

Our main character Jack is a really well thought out character. Jack started the season being controlled by his grandfathers’ rules surrounding revenge, but after some time on the campus, he really comes into himself and learns how to make his own decisions and problem solve. I really like the fact that Jack grows as not only a person but a werewolf and a magic-user throughout the season. It really showed the strength he has and his protective nature towards his friends showed that he not only wanted revenge, but something good to come out of it. 

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Alyssa was a character that began the show really strong. She was a part of the order from the beginning, but after a few episodes it was clear to see how her magic was stronger than I expected, and her acceptance towards the werewolves was also something I really enjoyed. 

The three main werewolf characters, Hamish, Lilith, and Randall also played a huge part in this season. They were able to teach Jack about the history of the “Knights of St. Christopher”, and in doing so, they also learned about magic. I found it really interesting to see how the wolves who are so against any kind of magic, also used it to benefit their end goal of helping Jack and stopping all bad magic. 

The main antagonist of the show was Edward Coventry, the leader of the order and Jack’s father. Edward Coventry was a really well-developed character. He had built a life for himself and a son, and he had continued to practice magic even after what happened with Jack’s mother. Edward was probably one of the most intriguing villains, as he didn’t even realize he was one until the very last episode. After searching for a magical object, he became even more villainous and it really showed in his actions.


I have to say, Edward was a really good villain in my opinion, and I really wish the outcome had been different for him. He would have been a really interesting season two villain after obtaining all of the power from the object he had been searching for. 

The Ending

I was totally surprised by the ending of season one. I really thought it was going to end on a happy note, but as soon as the last five minutes hit, I was on the edge of my seat. Season two is definitely going to be a surprising and interesting season, especially with the way that this one ended. I had expected that the Order would have rebuilt and moved on, however, along with moving on, they also moved on from the werewolves. 

Do I Recommend This Show?

So far, yes. Absolutely. It took me a while to get into, but it was overall a quick and easy show that included some fantasy and romance that you know I like. I also loved to learn about the history between the two secret societies and between Jack’s crazy family. All of the characters are so well thought out and it is a really good show to pass this quarantine time! I definitely can’t wait for season two, especially after that insane ending in season one. I definitely recommend this show for anyone who is interested in a little romance, a little fantasy, and a lot of revenge!

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