The Martian

This movie is on my list of favourites. It has a hint of action, but it is mostly about survival. The martian is an inspiring movie in many different ways. It has inspired me to think ‘above and beyond’ just like the ‘martian’ did in times of crisis. The ‘martian’ was a very brave man and survived on mars for 414 days! He got stuck on Mars without his crew mates because of a huge storm. Soon enough he realizes that he is a ‘farmer’, and as part of his training he was taught how to grow fruits and vegetables on a different planet. Through all the chaos and crisis, Mark Watney (the martian) stayed brave. He is a great example of what we can accomplish in life.


-He stayed brave-NASA didn’t tell the crew until long after they found out
-He didn’t give up-Some parts were gross/disgusting
-Wasn’t violent at all
-Has a great sense of humor


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  1. March 17, 2016

    […] night I watched The Martian for the first time. It was a very interesting movie but the whole time I kept thinking: Dang that […]

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