Hopefully by this point in time you’ve realized that I’m a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson’s work (my review of The Rithmatist is here and also one of his books in the epic Wheel of Time series – The Gathering Storm). 

I’m always in awe of his creativity and to be honest his throughput frankly astounds me!  It seems that there is a new book by him almost every month and each of them are not only unique they are extremely well defined and just as importantly well written and edited!

There are no heroes. Every single person who manifested powers—we call them Epics—turned out to be evil.

Here, in the city once known as Chicago, an extraordinarily powerful Epic declared himself Emperor. Steelheart has the strength of ten men and can control the elements. It is said no bullet can harm him, no sword can split his skin, no explosion can burn him. He is invincible.

It has been ten years. We live our lives as best we can. Nobody fights back . . . nobody but the Reckoners. A shadowy group of ordinary humans who spend their lives studying powerful Epics, finding their weaknesses, then assassinating them.

My name is David Charleston. I’m not one of the Reckoners, but I intend to join them. I have something they need. Something precious, something incredible. Not an object, but an experience. I know his secret.

I’ve seen Steelheart bleed.

Steelheart I’m happy to say is no exception to this rule.  For those that haven’t read it yet or know nothing about Sanderson’s writing, the prologue is available on his website here along with some additional excerpts from some other chapters.  Its well worth a read and I’d recommend it … now onto the review!

Steelheart Review

Steelheart tells the story of a world changed.  What we might have expected from the comic books – a world of heroes and villains is anything but, as everyone “afflicted/gifted” with super powers sets out to make themselves king and overlord.  An “event” happened ten years ago – called Calamity it gifted ordinary men and women with super powers.  Both primary and secondary powers that made them more than human. 


People started calling these super-humans “Epics” and while the creed of Spiderman is “with great power comes great responsibility”, the Epics went the other way and decided to rule mankind with an iron fist.  Bitter and epic (excuse the pun) battles took place all over the Earth and the shattered remnant of humanity was left to struggle and survive in scattered enclaves.


One such enclave is ruled by Steelheart.  One of the more powerful Epics, Steelheart is not only extremely strong, he is bulletproof and can transform ordinary matter into steel.  If that wasn’t enough, he also has the power to shoot energy from his hands and is said to be immortal!


Set against this demi-god?  David Charleston – someone with no powers or gifts … simply an overarching desire for vengeance and revenge.  You see, Steelheart killed David’s dad and he’ll do anything to make him pay even if it means destroying himself in the process!

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