The First novel in the Lost Regiment Series – Rally Cry details the initial travel and subsequent arrival of the 35th Maine from Earth to the Planet Valennia.

Transported by a “tunnel of light” the 35th Maine arrive on Valennia and discover many local human civilizations from different periods of Earth’s history are all jumbled together.  However in addition to the human civilizations – another – malevolent civilization is in actuality the ruler of Valennia.  This is the Horde.

Based upon the Mongols – The Horde are nine-feet tall alien nomads that have been using the transported humans as slaves and food stock (devouring one-fifth of a population before moving on to another land) and it is into this environment that the 35th Maine find themselves thrust.

Initially located close to a local Russian city – Suzdal – in the land of Rus.  There, they encounter and have to deal with the local chieftain – Ivor – who is “happy” with the status quo and his oppression of the peasants.  However, the Civil War regiment of the 35th Maine has fought a war for the ideals of democracy and freedom and these ideals are slowly spread throughout that same peasant population.

Learning of the arrival of the Horde – there are different “hordes” throughout the planet … book 1 deals with the Tugars – the 35th Maine, decide to stay and fight them off with the Russian peasants who have revolted against Ivor and his regime.

With far greater numbers the Horde significantly outstrips the Humans in terms of warriors.  However, the 35th Maine (and the 44th New York Light Artillery) have firepower on their side as well as modern weapons and tactics.

Realizing that the Horde will be upon them in a very short time, the Lost Regiment modernizes and revolutionizes RUS society overnight.  With the impending arrival – there is very little dissent and factories and a railroad are quickly built and put into operation.

A furious battle ensues and the men of the Lost Regiment and their RUS allies are almost overwhelmed before one of the American’s blows up the dam and floods the Horde decimating them.  Forced to sue for peace the Horde leaves and rides away – a shadow of their formal selves.

My Thoughts –

A really well thought out 1st book and a definite page turner.  Will keep you gripped from beginning to end and the whole idea of a fallen civilization (The Horde) using the humans for Cattle is completely new!  I really liked this book and its overall characterizations as well as the writing and would definitely recommend it.

Character Growth & Development – 5/5

The key characters in the series are all believable and while the despotic Russian leader might be a bit formulaic at the same time you cannot argue with history!  The members of the 35th Maine are perhaps a bit too “red, white and blue” and all the best of America with none of their members showing the foibles that might be expected.  However being that it was a “simpler” time and they were in the middle of their own Civil War at the time this can be excused as anyone not thinking the same thoughts was probably on the other side anyways!

Story Growth & Development – 4/5

Really good and gripping.  However the advancements that the members of the regiment are able to make are perhaps only really believable if you take into account the added pressure of being eaten!

Overall Rating – 9/10

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