Phoenix: The Radio Play

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to my first real-life celebrity, which I think is really cool! Scott Fivelson, the author of several different books and films, has recently authored a one-act play called, “Phoenix: The Radio Play,” that is currently available on Amazon.


The play is published by director Milton Horowitz’s ingenious Cleveland Radio Players, the only theater company exclusively devoted to stage performance and recording of radio plays, and solely the work of living playwrights.


In this, their debut release, “Phoenix: The Radio Play” is something of a predictive foretelling as it talks about the search for a cure from a super-flu that’s already killed off most of the world.
The scientists in this hidden underground laboratory need to not only find the cure, they need to ensure that they survive themselves in this Scientific Thriller about a decimated humanity on the brink of extinction.


Scott’s resume as I’ve already mentioned includes several films & books (the rollicking satire of a novel “Tuxes,” and the comedy-mystery that’s a wonderful audiobook, “Dial L for Latch-Key“, “Leading the Witness,” “Johnny Passe“, and films: “American Reel” and the soon-to-be-released “3 Holes and a Smoking Gun”), and they are of interest to me here not so much for their content, which is way cool but more focused on the thriller and dark/comedy genre, but with regards to the films, rather for their actors and stars.”American Reel” stars David Carradine and Mariel Hemingway.


Of course, we all know David Carradine from the great “Kung Fu” TV series, as well as “Kill Bill,” but do you remember his amazing role in “Death Race 2000“? I mean you can’t really ask for a more SciFi movie than “Death Race” can you? It really had it all. Cars, murder, death, and mayhem in a not-too-distant future where you could get points for not only going fast, but also for the number of innocent pedestrians killed! I know, perhaps more than just a little bit gruesome, but still wildly entertaining!!! Of course, Mariel Hemingway is no stranger to the genre herself, as she’s been in another classic from that era… namely “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” While definitely one of the weaker films in the franchise, it was still an enjoyable jaunt, and she did an excellent job.


Similarly, in “3 Holes and a Smoking Gun” (which, by the way, won Scott and his film a host of prizes, like “Best Screenwriter” -2014 Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles, “Best Lead Actor” for James Wilder and the “Red Dirt Award” Grand Jury Prize at the 2014 Red Dirt International Film Festival), we have the awesome and amazing Joaquim de Almeida … with acting chops in “Once Upon a Time” as well as “24,” but what you might not know is that he’s also done voice work on “The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay” (Video Game) – super cool!


Being a one-act play, “Phoenix: The Radio Play” is not a super large book… at 44 pages it’s something that you’ll be able to pick up and digest over a coffee and bagel. What “Phoenix: The Radio Play” will do though, is get you thinking, thinking about “what if” and what may happen. It’s definitely worth checking out – before the end comes!

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