Netflix Exclusive – The Next Pandemic: Did Bill Gates Predict Coronavirus Outbreak?

Did Bill Gates predict COVID-19 Outbreak even before anybody mentioned the name of the Novel Coronavirus? This is arguably the most intriguing question the answer to which we all want to know. Well, the fact is, Bill Gates did predict Coronavirus outbreak yet at the same time, he never did predict it. It depends on what you exactly mean by this question.

If you ask whether or not Bill Gates anticipated a possible pandemic outbreak capable of claiming millions of lives then the answer is definitely YES. Bill Gates has been emphasizing the need to invest more in medical research focusing on developing a universal treatment for different viruses.

Explained Season 2 - The Next Pandemic

But if you are more specific on whether or not Bill Gates anticipated the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus then the answer is NO. He never mentioned anything about the specific details of the expected virus experts called Disease X. Having said that, Bill Gates did anticipate that the eating traditions and cultural food consumed in different Asian countries, especially China, Korea, and Japan could be the starting point of The Next Pandemic. Some sources do claim that Bill Gates got it right while referring to what he said in the Netflix Exclusive Explained Season 2 Episode 4 (The Next Pandemic). The episode was aired in November 2019 but the interview was recorded much earlier.

Bill Gates prophesized quite convincingly that nothing is more dangerously capable of killing a major portion of humanity on earth than a pandemic. He calls it the ultimate risk to the contemporary and organized human life and a pandemic has the potential of claiming more lives than the world lost during World War II.  

Spanish influenza epidemic 1918

Bill Gates has been much interested in studying and understanding the outbreaks that have played havoc in the past. His ambition is to stop anything like this before it happens but unfortunately, we are not anywhere closer to the real objective. The current pandemic casts frightening shadows across the globe and no country on earth is safe at the moment. Regardless of the technological advancements the power of economy, COVID-19 continues to leave all world leaders virtually clueless. No country in the world was prepared for that and neither does any of these countries have enough resources to help the ever-increasing number of patients.

The Next Pandemic is episode 4 of the Netflix series Explained Season 4 in which the experts explained how two different viruses can combine to stimulate a hybrid virus never seen before. Animals such as bats and snakes are constantly studied by the researchers because these are the usual suspects. Around 30,000 viruses are known so far but there are millions not known yet. They call them Disease X or the unknown possible pandemic. In the current scenario, the disease X they tried to explain turns out to be COVID-19 or popularly called the Novel Coronavirus.

Don't touch your face
Asian, Indian young woman rubbing her eye and holding eyeglasses. She is suffering with aching eyes while working long hours on computer at home.

Suppose a person is suffering from normal influenza and there is a bird around carrying the virus of swine flu. At any unfortunate time, if these two viruses enter another animal at the same time, suppose a bat or a snake, which possibly happened in China, the integration of these two viruses gives birth to an unknown and potentially more dangerous virus called Zoonotic. If we recall history, The Spanish Influenza was also the result of the same phenomenon. People faced a similar situation in 1918 which we are facing right now.

Stay Home, Stay Safe!

We don’t know what to expect next and which country might be the next victim in the line of the coronavirus’ invasion. The only thing we can do right now is to take utmost care, stay home, follow every single instruction from the local and federal government and at the same time, turn a deaf ear to myths, speculations, and whistleblowers. Don’t forget to keep praying and remember God for He alone is the ultimate authority who could protect you from this invisible enemy.

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