Liberty Station – Humanity Unlimited I – Terry Mixon

I’ve written a couple of posts about some other books by Terry Mixon (his Empire of Bones saga) that I really enjoyed & I have to admit going into this book I was really expecting more of the same.  Unfortunately this time I wasn’t as pleasantly surprised and was in fact somewhat disappointed.  I think part of my disappointment might have been with the whole way that this story was setup but a larger part of me was disappointed with the writing itself as it simply wasn’t at the same level as his Empire of Bones books.  In fact, I later went to check the publish date and was quite surprised to find that this title was published AFTER those books!

Liberty station tells a somewhat weird and disjointed story about ancient aliens, Mayan artifacts and ruins and a family at war with one another.  While some of the characters are somewhat interesting they are very two-dimensional and almost caricatures that don’t change or grow throughout the book.  The exception might be Jess – the strong female lead of the book who not only happens to be an engineer, but is able to fly a helicopter, install a nuclear reactor and fight and kill trained mercenaries on land and in space!  In her case, she’s almost too much like Lara Croft and seems literally unstoppable and is unfortunately quite unbelievable.

There are some funny and humorous elements to the story … the company that Harry Rogers and Jess both work for is owned by Harry’s father and is called Rainforest (in case you don’t get it, its a play on Amazon) & just happens to be one of the largest distributors of entertainment in the world.  They also have an exceptional delivery network and seem to be able to get almost anything at anytime.  In addition, this book is packed with action almost from the first page.  While it’s not ship-to-ship combat, those parts at least are quite well written and enjoyable.

Unfortunately throughout the story the real villain is Harry’s own mother who’s utilizing her 2nd son to get at Harry and his father and everything he’s built.  While I can understand family squabbles, when countries are being destabilized it gets a bit ridiculous as Nathan (Harry’s brother) seems to always be able to escape – regardless of how close to death or capture he’s come!

I hope that Mr. Mixon returns to his previous form as while there are some elements to the story that might be interesting, the way its been written unfortunately does not keep you motivated or engaged.  I’d like to find out what happens in the future to Harry and Jess, but right now, I know that Nathan is somehow going to catch up to them once again and the story isn’t going to be about the mysteries they’ve discovered but will deal with more family politics which will just tick me off!

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