If you are new to SciFi and Fantasy but have a Kindle or other eReader a great resource to try out is the Baen Free Library.  While you won’t get access to a whole series by any one author, what you will get is an awesome introduction to some of the most thrilling and exciting SciFi and Fantasy series’ currently in print.

You’ll be able to read some of John Ringo‘s Posleen saga and you’ll be introduced to David Weber and his unbeatable character Honor Harrington.  You’ll get access to some great alternative history stories (1632 by Eric Flint) and swashbuckling sword and sorcery also!  You’ll also find a host of other stories by authors that you might not normally have tried, but you will quite quickly find yourself liking and enjoying!


Books are available in a multitude of different formats – including the most popular .epub and .mobi (Kindle format) – and you can also download books to read on your local computer too or even to print off!  They really couldn’t make it easier and considering each of these books sell for almost $6-$9 retail, you’re saving yourself literally hundreds using the Baen Free Library.

The Baen Free Library might not be here forever so enjoy it while its available and before its gone for good!  After all – its not too often that you actually get something worthwhile for free!

Check out the Baen Free Library – you will not be disappointed as while there might be other free book repositories out there, there aren’t many that are focused on SciFi and Fantasy and that are supported by the author’s to the extent that the Baen Library is.

I won’t reiterate or restate all the points in minutiae that Eric Flint (“First Librarian”) has made, but suffice it to say that in essence he is 100% correct.

Reading a series on here will NOT detract from book sales as any SciFi buff (or reader of any genre to be honest) will tell you … owning a book that you like has a delicious pleasure all its own!  When you find that great series, you want to obtain the rest of them and once you do you need to complete the series.

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