Avengers Endgame – The End of a Glorious Journey

Avengers Endgame is a perfect ending for 11 years and 22 movies of the MCU. While I still wish that there had been tie-ins to the other Marvel properties on the small screen, I think this story ended on just the right note.

To those that have not watched this movie but still intend to you … firstly what are you waiting for?! Secondly – cue warnings about *** SPOILERS BELOW *** and read at your own risk!


The film starts directly from the previous events occurring in Infinity War. Hawkeye’s family gets dusted and he survives the decimation. Then the Avengers wait at the base, and Captain Marvel saves Tony.

The film is then set 5 years post decimation. The Avengers later try to bring back everyone so that we can see a lot of time travel. The settings and the CGI are on point. The storyline is awesome, and the last battle is EPIC. The movie is thrilling, exhilarating, and one hell of an emotional ride.


The story though is not just about the set piece battles. Rather it really delves into the growth we’ve seen in the characters over the course of the series.

Robert Downey Jr. for example in his role as Iron Man (Tony Stark). He was a selfish billionaire who wouldn’t sacrifice himself for others at the beginning of his character.

In due course, he is the one who sacrifices his life for all living beings. This movie is proof that Tony Stark has a ‘heart.’  His iconic line – “I am Iron Man” – hides the person that he has become.

Captain America (Steve Rogers) goes from a science experiment to someone worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammers. Captain and Iron Man learn from each other. Captain America learns to live his life whereas Iron Man learns about sacrifices.

Thor Odinson the Asgardian god of thunder, blames himself for the decimation.

Feeling that his attack made him responsible for the death of half of all living things in the universe, he chooses to hide away.

Scarlett Johansson Plays Black widow (Natasha Alianovna Romanova). She began life before the MCU as an assassin and villain, but this movie completed her redemption. She was visually depicted as a woman who sacrificed her life for many.

After the decimation killed Hawkeye’s (Jeremy Renner) family, he goes rogue in the endgame and starts brutally murdering every criminal. This version of Hawkeye called Ronin; He didn’t want to be a superhero because he was dark. Black Widow gives him hope and brings him back to the Avengers to help her.

Hulk portraited as professor hulk in the endgame. Who can’t transform from a huge green giant to Bruce Banner. Because of his combined version with the strength of the green giant body and Bruce Banner’s intelligence. He decides to become a new version of hulk. Hulk reversed the decimation because of gamma rays in his body and brought back lives from the dead.

Ant-man plays a vital role as he came up with the idea of the quantum realm.

Once a petty thief, his expertise with the quantum realm only helped to pull this fantastic heist off.

The war is the ultimate dream come true for any Marvel fan. It is all the characters they watched and loved for the past 11 years, all put in one scene and is so awesome that it gets every marvel fan in their feet to shout. It is a mind-blowing screen. It was shot brilliantly and gave a perfect ending to one of the greatest eras in the face of cinema.

One negative to the fight scene would possibly be when all of the women came together in one place, as it simply did not make sense.

Women’s Empowerment Scene

This one scene from the endgame has ignited a massive discussion all over social media. About the women superheroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All the women came together to captain marvel for the final push. To defeat the supervillain, Thanos.

Many fans have tweeted that this was done for the sake of empowerment and are disappointed by Marvel’s screening of this scene.

The directors have stated that

“Looking back on the entire road that the MCU has travelled, it just struck us how many amazing female characters have entered the [franchise],” the director said. “I think it was, for us, a moment of celebration and acknowledgment of the intensity and empowerment in that.”

Which pretty much explains that they wanted to show and encourage women empowerment and feminism. It is not a necessary scene for the movie, but since they have a cause and a reason, there shouldn’t be any issues disobliging it. It is their point of view, and their attempt in raising awareness is such social causes like social empowerment and feminism.


Is it perfect? No – I think anyone would agree that it is not 100% perfect. It’s unlikely that such a thing exists though as everyone will have their own opinions on what should have happened. Some obvious questions or issues are:

  • How does Captain America get all of the stones back to their proper place? Some of them have to transform states and others are on different planets?
  • Would Captain America have really stayed with Peggy? Would he have “sat out” 70 years of history when he knew Hydra was infesting Shield for example?
  • How are they going to make a Black Widow movie when they’ve called her off?

What other questions or concerns did you have? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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