A Quiet Place 2 – Here is What You Need to Know Along with the Release Date!

If A Quiet Place (2018)amazed you two years ago then you must have been eager to know more about A Quiet Place Part II. The movie is scheduled to release in March 2020 and we are going to share everything about A Quiet Place 2 we know so far.

A Quiet Place 2 release date

A Quiet Place (2018) – The Surprise Hit

They call it a surprise hit because there had never been too much hype about A Quiet Place (2018) before its release. It was a moderate-budget movie but still, it managed to hit the jackpot worldwide. The intense thrill is what helped A Quiet Place (2018) to be a major unexpected hit. The movie featured a young family that found itself struggling to survive around terrifying creatures. The mysterious creature tended to hunt anybody who produced sound. Under the direction of the screenwriter and director, John Krasinski, A Quiet Place Part II seems to pick up from the point the first movie left off.

A Quiet Place 2 – Release Date

A Quiet Place Part II is scheduled to release on March 20, 2020. On January 1st, the first official trailer for A Quiet Place 2 was released. The trailer gives a hint of new faces as well as some familiar faces from A Quiet Place (2018). For all the fans of the first release, the trailer is encouraging because they are once again going to see their favorite characters back in action.

A Quiet Place Part II Official Trailer

Credit: Paramount Pictures

A Quiet Place Part II Cast

For those who want to see the familiar characters from A Quiet Place (2018) the good news is that Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds, the members of the Abbott family, are back in action. The newcomers in A Quiet Place Part II include Gladiator star Djimon Hounsou and Peaky Blinders star, Cillian Murphy. Their roles are still unrevealed.

A Quiet place 2 Cast

A Quiet Place Part II Movie Plot

Amazed at the overwhelming success of A Quiet Place (2018), screenwriter Krasinski began working on the script for the sequel just months after realizing the response from the viewers. The insiders are confident that Krasinski picks up the plot from the point at which the first part was ended. Abbott family will once again attempt for further efforts to survive under mysterious circumstances. You might see the remaining members trying to find any other survivor after the destruction of their farmhouse.

A Quiet Place 2 story

As per the official synopsis, we can confirm that A Quiet Place Part II will begin shortly after the deadly events. Abbott family is going to face another spell of terror while they fight hard in an anticipation of making it to a peaceful environment. It is once again going to be the hard trial, the fight in silence!

But there will a twist because the Abbott family is going to finally realize that there is something more going on. The only foe they knew, the creature hunting anything producing sound, is not alone and there is something more they need to protect themselves from.

A Quiet Place 2

As per the trailer, the Abbott family is shown with the farm on fire as a reminder of the chaotic end of the first part with Regan trying to figure out the key and Lee passing away. The family will do anything it can to ensure the protection of the new baby.

What to Expect from A Quiet Place Part II ?

It is important to note that A Quiet Place Part II hits theater just a week after the release of Godzilla vs. Kong. And more importantly, A Quiet Place Part II will be out just one week before the highly anticipated Mulan. The competition will surely be tough but we can easily predict that A Quiet Place Part II is set to give a tough time to its competitors. Long-term success depends on how it manages to impress the early-viewers.

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