In a post-apocalyptic world: Donyatsu

Typical post-apocalyptic drama will feature a group of survivers (sometimes unlikely ones) who must brave the new reality in a feeble attempt to survive against all odds. This group of misfits will carry the plot forward, with each one of them possessing a unique trait that will make us, the viewers, either sympathise or feel extreme hatred towards the person(s) in question.


Mangaka Kozaki Yuusuke decided to give the whole genre a face-lift by replacing the usual human protagonists with humanoid pastries. Donyatsu – a donut shaped cat – wakes up all alone in desolate Tokyo. Frightened, and hungry, the timid pastry feline makes his way through the formerly bustling streets of the metropolis in a desperate attempt to find any sign of life. The more time Donyatsu spends on the empty streets the more evident it becomes that something in not quite right, even for a post-apocalypse.

All the humans are gone, along with the animals. Luckily enough Donyatsu does not have to bear his own company for long as he quickly comes across the tech-savvy Baumcougar (a swiss-roll) and the bagel-shaped Begaru. Leading them to his upper-floor fortress, Baumcougar is just as clueless of the fate of the humans or what has transpired on planet earth.

As the manga progresses Donyatsu and his companions run across some more humanoid-pastry critters; all lost, and suffering from sort of an amnesia.

While it is impossible to say what took place in the world, or why pastries now have awareness, you’ve got to give the Donyatsu team some credit for trying to rebuild civilization.

 Donyatsu is not short on gags, puns, the ocassional bathroom humor, it also manages to slightly freak you out from time to time, making you wonder just what is it that happened exactly in this new, but not very brave world. The manga itself is probably not a masterpiece, but rather a unique and zany experience that provides a welcome change of pace, esepcially when comapred to its more serious in subject matter contemporaries.


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